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At MASH we look at the Whole Patient, the Holistic Integrative approach and try to figure the best plan of action.

We may choose one modality or several that work together. We may need to add conventional medical care. We want to tailor it to the pet. Having options is the new gold standard of care and we want your ideas as well. You are the caretaker.  You know your pet and with exposure to the possibilities of different ways to help your pet regain its health, we can work as a team.

These are some of the modalities we have to offer. With more knowledge being gained every day we are open to other ways which you feel may help your pet be healthy.

*NEW* Two new therapies are being offered here at MASH. Please check these websites for more information while we update ours.

UVBI Therapy  and  MicroBiome Restoration Therapy


Homeopathy is a medical science developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician. It is based on the principle that  “like cures like.” In simple words, it means that any substance, which can produce symptoms in a healthy person, can cure similar symptoms in a person who is sick. This idea is referred to as the “Law of Similars,” and was understood by Aristotle and Hippocrates and mentioned in ancient Hindu manuscripts. It was Hahnemann, however, who turned it into a science of healing.

Here are examples of this principle:

  1. An onion is a substance which makes your eyes water and your nose burn. If you are having an attack of hay fever with watering eyes and a burning nose, a homeopathic remedy made from onion can relieve it.
  2. Poison ivy causes redness, intense itching, burning, blistering and sometimes stiff muscles. Homeopathically it has been used for everything from herpes and burns to eczema and arthritis.
  3. When you are stung by a bee you feel a burning, stinging pain and the tissues surrounding the area swell up. Some relief is gained from applying cold to the area. If you had swollen tonsils with burning and stinging pain relieved by cold, a homeopathic remedy prepared from the same source could cure it.


TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is based on a pre-scientific paradigm of medicine that developed over several thousand years and involves concepts that have no counterpart within contemporary medicine. In TCM, the body is treated as a whole that is composed of several “systems of function.”

Traditional Chinese theory explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force — known as qi or chi (chee) — believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in your body. By inserting needles into specific points along these meridians, acupuncture practitioners believe that your energy flow will re-balance.

Aquapuncture has become a well used form of acupuncture. We inject a small amount of Vitamin B12 in the acupuncture points instead of placing acupuncture needles. The benefits are that the acupuncture points are stimulated with B12 and you do not have to look for acupuncture needles after the treatment. The Vitamin B12 is a positive support for the animal and gives them a boost.


Prolotherapy is a treatment that stimulates the body to repair painful areas. Specifically it involves the injection of natural substances into painful areas to stimulate the body’s own repair mechanisms to strengthen and heal injured structures. Mostly, Prolotherapy is used to strengthen ligaments and tendons. Ligament injury is presumed to be the preliminary cause of joints that become degenerated. This along with the fact that most degenerated joints have tenderness at ligament attachments around the joint, account for the fact that degenerative arthritis and degenerated structures typically respond beautifully to Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a great treatment for pain arising from ligaments, tendons, and degenerated joints. Prolozone is adding ozone to the injection. This treatment can be used for cruciates and unstable joints.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is one of the most positive approaches to healing. When you have inflammation, swelling, infection, bruising, and even cancer there is higher amounts of CO2 within the tissue. When we give ozone it brings in Oxygen into the tissue and displaces the  CO2 and inflammation, infection and bruising goes down. Ozone is a very effective treatment in acute and chronic viral diseases, acting as a virucidal agent and in improving the general health of animals. It is also effective for acute and chronic bacterial diseases, including those that do not respond well to antibiotics.   These bacterial diseases include leptospirosis, Lyme disease, brucellosis, botulism and septicemia. Ozone can effectively relieve acute “asthmatic” attacks, as well as reverse the allergic component from the inhalation of molds, dust and other allergens. Perhaps the most exciting application of ozone is as an effective adjunct to high-PH therapy for leukemias, lymphomas and other malignancies.

Ozone may be administered by body bagging, bagging of the affected limb, inhalation, rectal insufflation, or by direct intravenous or subcutaneous administration of ozonated saline. Treatments are usually done for several consecutive days or weeks and can be done in the office with the owner present. It relieves pain and allows the tissue to heal as it is bathed in oxygen. We deliver ozone in several different ways. With a saline subcutaneous fluid is the most common way. We also give as a gas when we bag an affected limb. It can also be given in the ear canal for infection. Most of our clients feel the effects are so helpful and positive.

We have had numerous cases of Lyme disease recover without the use of antibiotics or NSAID anti-inflammatory drugs. Ozone, when used in conjunction with joint support and homeopathy, is offering patients a real alternative for Lyme treatment. The general protocol for Lyme disease treatment is by rectal canula three times a week for three weeks.

We are also providing this super-oxygenation protocol for our chronic renal failure and cancer cases.

We had a cat with a serious degloving injury that literally peeled all skin from the hock to the toes. After some reconstructive surgery, “Ophelia” began ozone treatments with each bandage change. Ophelia has brand new skin, and even all her hair has grown back.

Chiropractic Care

“Chiropractic is a health care discipline and profession that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, under the hypothesis that these disorders affect general health via the nervous system.”

Our holistic care center has become very busy with chiropractic appointments. Dr. Crawshaw schedules 1-2 appointment times per week. Anywhere from 5-15 pets are seen.   Chiropractic care aligns the spine, and is a must for lameness, disc disease, fast growing puppies, trauma patients, or patients recovering from any musculoskeletal disease. After a pre-therapeutic exam by one of our doctors, we refer you directly to the chiropractor who will make your appointment. Remember that if you have an appointment with a chiropractor you must contact her directly to confirm or change your appointment. Chiropractic care is a natural adjunct to homeopathy, ozone treatment, and acupuncture.

Dr Crawshaw is at Road to Health in Framingham at 494 Union Ave. Phone number 508-665-4142.

Conventional Surgery and Dentistry

We do surgical procedures at MASH, such as spays, neuters, vasectomies, lacerations, growth removals, wound repairs, some eye procedures, dental cleanings and polishing, and dental extractions. All of our surgical procedures get homeopathic support during and after the surgery. We also use acupuncture for pain control and to stimulate healing. Ozone may also be part of the aftercare to reduce pain and swelling. Reiki can also be given by one of our technicians. Wherever we can use integrative modalities to help us with recovery or prevention we like to add them.

Often, dentals can be done without anesthesia; if we are able, we try. First, we spray rescue remedy and lavender or frankencense and that may be enough for the pet to give us access to the mouth. We use ozonated saline to flush the mouth before and after, as it kills the anaerobic bacteria and then places oxygen on the gums to allow faster healing of the gingival tissue.

Laboratory Diagnostics

We have access to both Antech and Idexx Labs. We also offer Jean Dodds laboratory Hemopet. We also are able to do the Plechner immune/endocrine testing. We run in-house heartworm, giardia, 4DX, Felv and FIV tests. We send out Rabies titers to Kansas State University. We are also able to run Bionutritional Assay (BNA) through Antech.

We have been recommending geriatric bloodwork as a general screen for age related issues. Cats over the age of 10 and dogs over the age of 9 should be screened yearly for organ health, thyroid function, and have a urinalysis done. When caught early, many age related health issues can be managed with changes in diet and supplementation. Our goal is to keep your older friend aging gracefully.

Veterinary Botanical Medicine (Herbs)

MASH has both western herbs and traditional chinese herbs. Because animals have an innate ability to choose plants and herbs when they are ill, we feel herbs are so important as food and medicine.

We also have experience with Neoplasene (Blood root) applications to help remove tumors.

UVBI Therapy, Biophotonic Blood Therapy or Ozone Ultraviolet Blood Therapy

Ultraviolet light therapy or Biophotonic blood therapy is a way to increase the immune system of an animal or human. We combine ozone therapy with an animal’s blood and a small amount of heparin and mix that with BiOcean which has trace minerals from the bottom the ocean and take that mixture and push it through ultraviolet light within a crystal cuvette. This photoluminescence stimulates healthy cells and those viruses and bacterias that do not like light or oxygen are either destroyed or weakened. This procedure is very good for infections, cancer, inflammation, Lyme and will help the immune system for overall health. In combination with more ozone therapy we can reach a high utilization of oxygen to increase the health of the animal. With better oxygen utilization you can achieve optimum health.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic disease. It is a science-based field of health care that is grounded in the following principles:

  • Biochemical individuality describes the importance of individual variations in metabolic function that derive from genetic and environmental differences among individuals.
  • Patient-centered medicine emphasizes “patient care” rather than “disease care,” following Sir William Osler’s admonition that “It is more important to know what patient has the disease than to know what disease the patient has.”
  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors.
  • Web-like interconnections of physiological factors – an abundance of research now supports the view that the human body functions as an orchestrated network of interconnected systems, rather than individual systems functioning autonomously and without effect on each other. For example, we now know that immunological dysfunctions can promote cardiovascular disease, that dietary imbalances can cause hormonal disturbances, and that environmental exposures can precipitate neurologic syndromes such as Parkinson’s disease.
  • Health as a positive vitality – not merely the absence of disease.
  • Promotion of organ reserve as the means to enhance health span.

Functional Nutrition

Good quality food is an important source to improve health. Certain foods really can improve the level of nutrition. More organic fresh and live the foods can be the more vital will be the health improvement. Certain foods can almost work like a medicine.

Glandular Therapy

We try to support the organ system that is weak by feeding the body the organ that is deficient. For example, with an animal with liver failure we would feed liver and the precursors of repairing liver tissue. For pancreatic issues we would feed pancreatic tissue. We use mainly Standard Process products both the veterinary line and the human line.

Raw Diet Support

We have many clients that feed raw meat and vegetable diets and we encourage a balanced diet. We also encourage high quality and organic  fresh foods as a part of the pets nutritional program. We can help you balance  the diets and give you the confidence to use these foods safely. We always educate our clients about the safety of
handling raw meats and making sure the quality has high standards.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is designed to boost the supply of oxygen to ischemic tissue or to diseased tissues that respond to increased oxygen levels.  Increasing the volume of oxygen dissolved in the blood plasma, that is brought about by hyperbaric therapy, produces five basic effects:

  • Reduction of volume of gas bubbles in the blood
  • Vasoconstriction, which reduces edema and secondary hypoxia
  • Restoration of aerobic metabolism to ischemic tissue
  • Detoxification of poisoned tissues
  • Enhanced phagocytosis

Cranial Sacral

Cranial adjusting was first developed as a formal technique in the early 1900’s by Dr. William Sutherland, D.O. Subsequently, several Chiropractic Physicians, notably Dr. De Jarnette, D.C. (the founder of Sacro-Occipital Technique), Nephri Cotthan, D.C. (the founder of chiropractic craniopathy) and others introduced their own versions of cranial technique, based in part on the work of Dr. Sutherland. More recently, elements of cranial technique have been expanded by the practitioners of applied kinesiology and others. There are also a number of contemporary osteopathic physicians developing and refining cranial techniques.

Following in the direct footsteps of Dr. Sutherland, Dr. John Upledger, D.O., coined the term craniosacral therapy. He has expanded on Sutherland’s technique, simplifying some of the procedures, updating the scientific model of the phenomenon, and perhaps more significantly, broadened the field of practitioners beyond a small cadre of physicians. The Upledger Institute accepts students from all healing arts making it truly an interdisciplinary art.

CranioSacral Therapy is a light touch manual therapy that addresses restrictions in the craniosacral system-the membranes and fluids that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. This vital system extends from the bones of the skull, face and mouth, which make up the cranium, down to the sacrum or the tailbone.

Since the craniosacral system directly impacts the central nervous system, it’s easy to see how an imbalance there should cause any number of sensory, motor, or neurological disabilities. CranioSacral Therapy helps correct those restrictions so the body can release the effects of stress and trauma.

CranioSacral Therapy can benefit animals or people with the following conditions:

  • Head injuries/head trauma
  • Emotional problems
  • Behavior issues
  • Lameness
  • Jaw disfunction
  • Chronic pain
  • Spine injuries
  • Recovery from EPM, Lymes Disease, and other systemic disorders
  • Arthritis

Like TTOUCH, CranioSacral Therapy can restore a balance between the fight/flight response and the rest, digest response of the nervous system. CranioSacral Therapy is also a great way to maintain optimal health and performance in people and all types of animals.

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest healing arts: Chinese records dating back 3,000 years document its use; the ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of massage for many ailments; and Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems.”

Physical Therapy

The benefits of physical therapy have long been recognized in humans. More recently, research in the veterinary field has shown the same benefits of physical therapy to be true for animal patients.

We recommend hydrotherapy available at other practices and want our  clients to try some basic stretching and muscle work to support the musculoskeletal system.

Micro Biome Restorative Therapy or MBRT/Fecal Transplantation

MBRT is a way to reboot the immune system of an animal. In a normal human there are 100 trillion microbes that live in the body there are over 500 species from the mouth to the anal area. These healthy microbes are in a symbiotic balance that allows the body to stay healthy. We need these microbes to work together to strengthen the immune system, When there is an imbalance of these microbes and there is overgrowth of species due to antibiotics, pesticides or any other chemical and illness can occur. Eighty-Five percent of our immune system comes from our gut, so it is important that we care for that valuable organ system to protect the rest of the body.

When they gut is out of balance it will form a biofilm and weaken other species within the intestinal track. A MBRT will reintroduce a healthy biome from a healthy dog or cat and try to reestablish the hundreds of species that are needed. We do that in conjunction with ozone therapy that will decrease the biofilm. We use fecal from a healthy dog/cat who has never had any pesticides or antibiotics or chemicals in lawn or home and has eat a raw diet for three generations. The donors have had only one set of vaccinations and titered for their entire lives.  We do this in several ways. One is an oral infusion/capsule or through an enema. We need the animal to be on high quality nutrition, probiotics, digestive enzymes and additional nutraceuticals to enable the new micro biome to have a healthy home.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy History. Aromatherapy is a healing art which roots lying in antiquity. It traces back more than 6000 years, since ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans and probably Chinese used to burn scented flowers and herbs and enjoy aromatic bath, massage and skin care for curative and cosmetic purposes.

Essential Oils. Essential Oils are volatile parts of aromatic plants extracted by steam distillation or expression. Essential Oils uses includes massage, bath, candles, inhales, room and body perfume, hair shampoo, facial and skin care etc. Essential Oils properties cover a wide range of natural healing, relaxing and uplifting attributes.

We use a variety of essential oils including Young Living, Clairmont Farms Lavender and Starwest. We even combine the oils with ozonated olive oil for even better healing.

Bach Flower Remedies

Animals have emotions too. They feel fear, anger, jealousy, and depression just like us.

The Bach Flower Remedies® are able to help our Animals when they have negative emotions just as they help us when we are emotionally out of balance. Unfortunately, we are not able to ask our pet why it acts depressed, but we do know if it misses a friend or gets overly excited around new people.

Flower essences are very safe and we even use them for flea and tick control.

NAET  Nambudripad’s Allergic Elimination Treatment

A method to figure out what allergic issues are affecting an individual is by using applied Kinesiology. By determining what allergens affect the pet one tries to remove the susceptibilities through stimulating acupuncture points on the body.

Trace Mineral Hair analysis

Evaluation of hair, which takes months to grow, can show what the long term exposure and storage of minerals and toxic substances are affecting your pet. A hair sample is taken and sent to Trace Mineral Lab and the list of minerals and chemicals retained in the body can give insight to the health of an an individual. The relationships of the nutrients and minerals can help determine the metabolic activity of the pet.

Energy Medicine

There are many different types of energy medicine and some are more  well known than others. We encourage any positive energetic healing. Being positive is such an important part of helping someone the heal.


Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing. Energy Healing involves direct application of Chi for the purpose of strengthening the clients energy system (aura).  Chi is the term used by the Chinese mystics and martial artists for the underlying force the Universe is made of.  Mystics in all cultures have talked about the physical universe being made of an underlying form of something, much as modern physics research is now coming to understand the Universe is made of energy which is subject to (or affected by) thought.  Just as modern physics says this energy is affected by thought the mystics also say this underlying form is affected by thought, going so far as to claim we create our own reality from our thinking and the thoughts we share between each of us every day.

Stop and reflect for a moment.  Imagine the implications of the universe around us made from energy which can be shaped and manipulated by thoughts.  This is the implication of both Quantum Physics and ancient Metaphysics.  Might this make some diseases easier to explain, especially those which have no apparent physical cause?  Might this make miraculous cures easier to explain?

A Reiki healing is very simply performed.  The practitioner places his or her hands upon the person to be healed with the intent for healing to occur, and then the energy begins flowing. The Reiki energy is smart since the Universe is a very smart place indeed. The energy knows where to go, and what to do once it gets there, or else is being directed by a higher intelligence. The energy manages its own flow to and within the recipient. It draws through the healer exactly that amount of energy which the recipient needs. All this happens without direct conscious intervention by the healer. The healers job is to get out of the way, to keep the healing space open, and to watch/listen for signs of what to do next.

Claire Messier 508-278-3459


According to quantum physics, the material universe is nothing more than a very dense form of energy. Everything that exists in this universe, from the most subtle, refined realms of energetic structures, to the grossest, densest realms of matter, is aligned in an energy continuum. Energy flows constantly from these highly refined subtle realms-starting from the causal or super causal world as it is referred to in Yoga teachings and moving down through the astral, etheric, electromagnetic levels and finally into the material realm of existence.

Everything that exists on Earth exists within its own Energetic Continuum, our bodies being a perfect example. In addition to the material, physical body that we perceive with our senses, we have several other layers of energetic bodies. Through all these layers of energy, an Energetic Continuum flows from the highest, most refined subtle bodies down to the material body. The energy flowing through the Energetic Continuum comes from one source. In India, it is called the Divine Mother. Christianity calls it the Holy Spirit, and in many modern, New Age spiritual teachings it is called Cosmic Energy. Modern physics calls it Zero-Point Energy.

At this point, it is important to understand that Zero-Point Energy should not be confused with a particular form of energy, such as etheric or astral energy. Zero-Point Energy is formless. It is the source of everything. All realms of the subtle energies are just parts of the Energetic Continuum.

Tachyon Energy is the very first energetic structure that emerges out of non-structured, formless Zero-Point Energy. Just like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon is not limited to a certain frequency. Tachyon cannot be measured in the hertzian frequency spectrum. It is not a certain type of energy. Rather, it includes all energy potential within itself. Its qualities are much like Zero-Point Energy, varying only in that it is a structured form.

Tong Ren:

A system developed by acupuncturist Tom Tam in 2003 in which he is using collective unconscious intent to bring forth Qi Gong energy through acupuncture points. Certain medical issues can be treated and supported by acupuncture point stimulation. Tom Tams technique can be taught to all that want to learn . It is a positve energy that helps many people and animals heal. To be positive can be so healpful to the body.  Having positive thought and intention is so much better than being negative.

At MASH we had the first animal classes run by Marcia Zais in 2006 Check out the below websites to see both human and animal classes that are offered.

Biocom, Scio, Biomeridian:

As we look at all the possibilities of options you can see there are a lot of choices. One needs to also look at the allopathic or conventional approaches to the medical issue. Combining the best of all options for the patient is the goal.

Final Care and Humane Euthanasia

Death is a part of life and at MASH we want to give options in the final days and hours of our beloved pets. They are members of our family and the respect for their life is so important. Sometimes because of the severity of the medical conditions certain support can be just palliative. Hospice may be part of the final days as well. Humane euthanasia is also always a gentle option.

We will not euthanize an animal unless we have seen both the pet and the caretaker prior to the appointment. This is so we know that all options have been explored, including what we have to offer here at MASH.

We have set aside a special room in our holistic care center dedicated to final care. This room is set as a library with a fireplace and couches  to allow the pet to be allowed to feel unthreatened. We are able to light candles and have enough room so the entire family can stay with your pet and be there in the final moments. We always heavily sedate the pet before a final dosage of anesthesia is given. This peaceful last moments are so respectful of the deep love and respect that we have for these special family members.

We have a wall of remembrance with pictures and poetic words about our lost family members. If you are interested in sharing your loving thoughts with other families who may need your kind words in their time of need, please contact the office.

We also may be able to do a house call so this final goodbye can be done in a comfortable place in your home.

We have Final Gift for the burial or special cremation of your beloved pet.