The Natural Products Expo 2012 EXPO WEST

On March 9, 2012 I was able to attend the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim California. I was there to network and reconnect with some of the companies that had seen and liked the Dr DoMore and Sr ShowMore Projects so they could see the 2013 Calendar. With over 3,000 booths this event 20120331-150146.jpgwas immense and proof that the natural health industry is well and thriving. Many new products were coming on the market as experienced companies showed of their new ideas and brand new companies launched their creative goods.

There was a lot of interest in the Calendar and the hope was to get creative ads for the upcoming 2013 project. A lot of gluten free goods which are good for pets were represented. Enterprising companies have seen the demands of consumers for more products using coconut, chia and organic berries and juices.

Natural cleaning products were on my list to add to the new Dr.ShowMore 2013 highlighting sustainable green medicine. When it comes to cleaning products the chemicals that are in the products will get absorbed through the skin and lungs of both you and your pet. Dogs and cats will lick their paws and bodies and if they are lying on floors and carpets that were cleaned with un-natural solvents or toxic chemicals those will be absorbed into the pets. BPA is another chemical found in the lining of pet food cans and we need to be looking for companies that do not have BPA in their products. It is hard to see that since it is not on their radar and it needs to be.

I was able to attend the lecture of Kathleen Merrigan who is the Agriculture Deputy Secretary of the USDA who presented the new governmental website: Know Your Farmer Know Your Food which will be covering sustainability of local farms. There is a whole department that addresses organic production and regulations. I gave Secretary Merrigan a copy of both the 2011 Dr ShowMore Calendar and the Dr.DoMore Film preview in hopes that she will read and watch these an see the need for Integrative holistic care for animals. This would reduce the antibiotic overuse and keep animals healthier and treatment more sustainable and humane.

While in San Diego prior to the expo I had a chance to see Tamara Hebblers practice in San Diego, called Healing Hope. She is now doing ozone therapy along with homeopathy, gemmatherapy, nutrition, acupuncture and herbs, I had a chance to visit with Jan Rasmusen author of Scared Poopless. A wonderful book about integrative care for dogs. It is cleverly written by her dogs Jiggy and Chicklet two adorable maltese. Since Chicklet’s recent passing Jan has rescued Rascal another adorable maltese in which she cares and feeds in a totally wholistic way.

I was also able to stop at the Joan Woodward Animal Shelter in Ranch Sante Fe and see this outstanding Rescue and placement center. They have both horses and dogs and cats and have just built a state of the art veterinary center. This is the most plush and organized shelter I have ever seen. It has been around for over 35 years and because of generous gifts from animal caring folks it has been a model for others. My son and his girlfriend even adopted their wonderful dog Lola from Woodward. The shelter was given a copy of Dr.DoMore and Dr.ShowMore 2011 to hopefully inspire the powers that be who look at the medical needs of these animals. With hopes that they too may be inclusive of Integrative therapies, which will help them save lives and save more funds so they can save more lives.

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