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Dr. Roman Goes to Washington

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

20110923-090005.jpgOur Dr. Margo Roman is quite an amazing lady. Not only does she heal our animals, but she is also an activist working to protect all of us, and future generations.

Each year the Women’s Action for New Directions WAND and Women’s Legislative Lobby WiLL is always an awesome, empowering experience. This year I went to Washington DC Sept 18-20, 2011. As a member of WAND for over 25 years, we have gone to our Nation’s Capitol to lobby as grassroot activists on positive environmental, healthcare and jobs issues, as well as about reducing the military spending on unnecessary nuclear weapons.

Our voices gathered momentum as we went with Women Legislators from all over the US to be a force brining information to our Senators and Congressman. This year we were trying to help the Super Committee of which our Senator John Kerry is a member. We want them to remove the tens of billions of dollars that are being the used to make more nuclear weapons and to keep obsolete military equipment in service. Those billions could be used to reduce the deficit keep funding in medicare and environmental and jobs issues, build schools and rebuild our infrastructure.

The need for thousands of nuclear war heads and ability to destroy the earth a thousand times is wrong and wasteful of all our resources. Our war on terrorism found that there was no war heads but box cutters, dirty bombs and bioterrorism. We need both a strong homeland security, and diplomacy even moreso. America needs to be accountable for the cost of fighting these unneeded wars that have cost 7 trillion dollars in the past 10 years… Yes, that huge number is what the Department of Defense has spend on the wars and all our defense issues since Sept 11.

While I had the chance to network with Women Legislators, I personally tried to talk about the need for Integrative healthcare to be part of all insurance programs and part of the options for medical care for both humans and animals.

The Dr. ShowMore Calendar has the unique ability to open the eyes of people who see it. We took it to state legislators and to the offices of Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown, Congressman Ed Markey and Barney Frank (Who loved it.) and Mike Capuano all got copies. I also gave them clay paw prints of Tsunami, the Search and Rescue Dog who was at the World Trade Center, as a gift from Sept 11 memorial service.

I went to the USDA office at 1400 Independence Ave where I wanted to meet with Dr. John Clifford. He is the highest ranking veterinarian in the government. I wanted to talk to him about Bovine Leukemia Virus BLV and the present USDA research and evaluations of US Dairy Herds. My concern has been that they have found antibodies for BLV in breast cancer tissue of women and there needs to be more attention to this serious issue. We need to test and remove the positive cows and make the US Dairy and Beef Farmers aware of this serious medical condition. I wanted to talk to him about the use of Rife technology as a possible way to reverse the BLV virus. Research should be done.

Unfortunately, Dr.Clifford was not able to meet me as he was meeting with the Undersecretary of Agriculture. While there I left 3 copies of the Dr. ShowMore for his office and hopefully I will be able to discuss issue at another time. I also gave a copy to the front desk of USDA. They loved it.

When we all complain about things that our government is doing, it isn’t much help. I have found it more empowering to go to Washington DC and have your ideas listened to and wait for replies from those individuals who have the power to make those changes for the better.