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The Natural Products Expo 2012 EXPO WEST

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

On March 9, 2012 I was able to attend the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim California. I was there to network and reconnect with some of the companies that had seen and liked the Dr DoMore and Sr ShowMore Projects so they could see the 2013 Calendar. With over 3,000 booths this event 20120331-150146.jpgwas immense and proof that the natural health industry is well and thriving. Many new products were coming on the market as experienced companies showed of their new ideas and brand new companies launched their creative goods.

There was a lot of interest in the Calendar and the hope was to get creative ads for the upcoming 2013 project. A lot of gluten free goods which are good for pets were represented. Enterprising companies have seen the demands of consumers for more products using coconut, chia and organic berries and juices.

Natural cleaning products were on my list to add to the new Dr.ShowMore 2013 highlighting sustainable green medicine. When it comes to cleaning products the chemicals that are in the products will get absorbed through the skin and lungs of both you and your pet. Dogs and cats will lick their paws and bodies and if they are lying on floors and carpets that were cleaned with un-natural solvents or toxic chemicals those will be absorbed into the pets. BPA is another chemical found in the lining of pet food cans and we need to be looking for companies that do not have BPA in their products. It is hard to see that since it is not on their radar and it needs to be.

I was able to attend the lecture of Kathleen Merrigan who is the Agriculture Deputy Secretary of the USDA who presented the new governmental website: Know Your Farmer Know Your Food which will be covering sustainability of local farms. There is a whole department that addresses organic production and regulations. I gave Secretary Merrigan a copy of both the 2011 Dr ShowMore Calendar and the Dr.DoMore Film preview in hopes that she will read and watch these an see the need for Integrative holistic care for animals. This would reduce the antibiotic overuse and keep animals healthier and treatment more sustainable and humane.


New Book A Healer In Every Home: Dogs & Cats

Monday, October 24th, 2011

For Immediate Release: Dr. Margo Roman, DVM of MASH Main St Animal Services of Hopkinton and her associates have just come out with a new book. A Healer In Every Home: Dogs & Cats Top tips for healthy animal care from a pioneering holistic vet and a holistic animal shelter director, can now be purchased on
What can you do at home to keep your animal companions healthy, happy, and safe from toxic chemicals?
This book gives you a simple, user-friendly guide to the most important tips from a holistic veterinary practice and a holistic rescue shelter for;
– a healthy diet to help prevent chronic diseases
– natural remedies for Lyme, skin and ear problems, bites from other animals, accidents, recovery from surgery
– safe flea and tick control to prevent insects without toxic pesticides, and to protect your animal from Lyme
– natural ways to calm your animal and reduce behavior problems – like aggression and barking too much
The best books and websites for more information.
It is a great start to see how you can help your pets at home before you may have a need to get to a veterinarian. Help be the healer in your own home.
Book by Begabiti Lennihan RN,CCH; Shirley Moore, and Margo Roman DVM

Dr. ShowMore Calendar in Dog Fancy Magazine!

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

We got Press! Dog Fancy Magazine put in an article about the Dr. ShowMore Calendar. Help spread the word about integrative medicine and share!


Success at the New England Pet Expo

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Dr. Margo Roman

The New England Pet Expo that was in Wilmington, MA brought out almost 10,000 people and pets. I saw everything from huge mastiffs to people with parrots on their shoulders. At this expo there were many entertaining demos and wonderful animal groups. It was great to see so many animal lovers who were out this past Saturday September 24, 2011.

Our non-profit organization called the Center for Integrative Veterinary Care (CIVC) had a booth to highlight our Dr.DoMore documentary preview and the Dr.ShowMore Calendar. The 2011 Dr.ShowMore Calendar has been shown at about twenty different veterinary conferences and expos. By now that door – opening calendar has also been taken to eight different conferences and expos for humans. It has been to the Sundance Film Festival 2011.

The Dr.ShowMore Calendar has even gone to Thailand where it opened up many eyes, and even the doors of the veterinary

Sujita the Royal Cat

schools in Thailand. As well as the continuing education of the Thai Veterinarians. It even gave me the opportunity to treat Sujita the Cat owned by The Royal Family of Thailand, and the Princess. It was such a honor to be able to try to help the Royal cat of Thailand with acupuncture and homeopathy.

At our booth, we had the last copies of the Dr.ShowMore Calendar. Originally 5,000 were made, and we only have about 100 copies left. Someday they could be collector’s items. We still have some left for those lucky few who want them. The information in them is so worth the $10.00 cost, which is all donated to our non-profit.

Simone Hnilicka and Ludvig her dog

Information like : homeopathic remedies for emergencies, acupuncture points for common ailments, and useful herbs to give your pets. There are book resources and website lists to give readers many more options. The smiles that we got from people viewing the calendar are contagious.To laugh and have fun reading topics that can help you, your family and your pets is so valuable.

As Integrative Medicine becomes mainstream healthcare, both people and animals will benefit and healthcare costs will go down. To empower people to prevent disease and keep their bodies healthy with nutrition and healthful preventative care, will save lives and save healthcare.

All About Irritable Bowel: Solving it Naturally, Who Needs Drugs?

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


Irritable bowel is a common medical issue in both animals and humans. By looking at the cause of the issue and then strengthening the gut, one can actually bring the case to cure. The intestinal tract provides about 70% of the immune system’s support. It also is intricately controlled by the nervous system. Moreover, the GI tract depends significantly on the live flora or naturally occurring bugs or bacteria in the gut. Treating the GI tract naturally allows the body to reboot itself and regain intestinal health. On the other hand, not allowing the body to fight its own battle is a set-up for chronic conditions and lifelong dependence on drug therapy with all its side effects and long-term damage.
Just to review the GI anatomy, we first have the mouth with the salivary glands and the physical mastication of the teeth and jaws. In humans, saliva plays an important part in that it contains amylase, which helps convert starch to the simple sugar maltose. Unlike the saliva of humans, the saliva of dogs and cats really only supplies lubrication for the passage of food and does not have any significant enzymatic activity. In addition to supplying lubrication, the saliva helps in removing heat from the body, as does the panting process. Another important part of the GI tract is the esophagus, a muscular tube that propels the food, after the swallowing, from the mouth to the stomach. With the peristalsis wave, the bolus is pushed through the relaxed lower esophageal sphincter into the stomach, and then the sphincter is closed to prevent reflux. (more…)

The Yellow Lab Who Ate 18 Items

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Casey the Canine Consuming Character. Casey is one lucky canine whose abnormal consumption has made her stomach contents worthy of a story.

When she was rescued in 2009 as an 8 year old yellow lab with serious skin issues, and bad hips. She also had a history of an insatiable appetite and eating socks. She had had two exploratories  for foreign bodies even before they adopted her. The kind family that took her in knew of her many issues. In time she became their love and family companion. They even added to the family by rescuing a black lab with emotional issues at the same time.

By coming to MASH and using integrated medicine, Casey’s new Life took off. She went through with endocrine immune tests and holistic health options like homeopathy, chiropractic,herbs, nutrition and acupuncture. Her many complicated health issues began to heal.

Her skin which was once thickened and flaking with shedding improved, her chronic GI issues and weak hips became healthier and stronger. She really started to look like a healthy normal yellow Labrador. Her diet was changed to mostly raw meat and vegetables. It even included some vegan meals, which all had helped to make many of  these improvements.

The one bad habit she still had problems with was, garbage pails. If she was left unattended with near one,  parts of it would disappear. She would always seem to be able to pass the trash by taking 2 tablespoons of vaseline petroleum jelly given orally. Then here at MASH I had to give her ozonated NaCl fluids. Those are given subcutaneously to hydrate her and allow the intestines to become hydrated and reduce CO2 levels.  I then did Acupuncture points St 36 25 LI 11 4,BH, Bl 27, at the base of tail, above the anus, Sp 6, Bl 20  which was to stimulate peristalysis.

Another remedy I used was the Homeopathic remedies called Nux Vomica 200C and Calendula 200C  which addressed the overeating and gastric motility.  I had the caretakers repeat the Vaseline treatment at home, as a bread sandwich. Homeopathy remedies are easy to give at home as a liquid or tablet, so the nux vomica and calendula had to be given 15 minutes apart when they took her home.

On 2/9/11 she passed some pieces of fabric and a sock with this procedure without any problem. But then on 5/10/11 she was being cared for by a pet sitter and she escaped from her home for about an hour before being found. There was no evidence that she had gotten into anything as she continued to eat normally. Her stools were normal shape and consistency. Later when she returned to her owner she started to have occasional vomiting and looked a little wider in the belly. On 5/31/11 she was having more vomiting and was give some medication for vomiting by another veterinarian. When she came here again, I tried again all my integrative approaches and she stopped vomiting but still seemed not right. She was still taking her walks and wanting to eat.

Her caretaker kept giving her coconut oil for another week but Casey was not herself. She was better but we felt she was still not quite right. So an Xray was taken and soon it was obvious that there was some type of fabric taking up a large portion of her stomach.

The next thing I did was to make one last attempt to perhaps get her to vomit with a dosage of apomorphine given subcutaneously. Her response to apomorphine, usually a forceful vomit response, was just a little gag.

So an exploratory was done….
The surgery was incredible. As I removed the first sock we brought out a bucket and I placed the item in, I went after the next item..and the next item and the next item and on and on. My technician commented that it was like the clown car in the circus watching another clown coming out the from the smallest space.

Here is what was found : (more…)

Homeopathic Remedies at Home

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Homeopathic remedies can be purchased from local health food stores or at MASH. Sets containing the most commonly used ones are offered as well. Numerous books, as well as your vet can teach you how to treat minor problems. Homeopathy, one of many complimentary therapies which is popular in Europe and Canada are gentle and can be used safely in conjunction with other remedies. They are put in the mouth to dissolve, away from food, and sometimes are applied topically.
Injuries and Pain
Every household can benefit from Arnica Montana especially for easing pain, reducing bleeding and bruising preventing infections and soothing the injured animal. Give a few pellets every fifteen minutes while deciding on the next treatment. If it helps then continue until the pain is gone. Remedy pellets can be given in distiller water three pellets to one ounce of water. Mix well and give on a clean tongue If not try a different remedy and bring the animal to MASH, ASAP.
Excerpt from the Calendar March 2011