Dr. Margo Roman Treats Thailand’s Royal Cat

The Royal Princess's cat, Suitja

This story has such a wonderful back story… In Jan 2011 I had taken our beautiful Dr.ShowMore calendar to the NAVC, which is one of the largest veterinary conference in the world. At the North American Veterinary Conference the calendar was a real hit when all 500 copies were sold. I was so pleased that they were all taken up and appreciated by so many more vets and others in the animal care-taking world.

Well, one of the veterinarians was Dr. Rosama Pusoonthornthu and she works on the faculty at the Veterinary school in Thailand. By coincidence my youngest daughter was in Thailand teaching as well. These connections led to my trip being planned, and so then Dr. Pusoonthornthu invited me to speak at the University. In ThailandĀ I lectured on Feb 28 to the faculty of the Chulalongkorn University School of Veterinary Medicine on Integrative Veterinary Medicine in the US and on Ozone therapy. This was a wonderful way to demonstrate how Integrative Medicine is a global happening. The desire to have comprehensive health is something we have in common, which can be part of all health plans that can save lives and money.

It was so exciting to get an opportunity to bring this information to the school so I brought the Dr.ShowMore Calendar as my hand out. As I started to present my lecture I passed the Dr.ShowMore Calendar to all the attendees. They all began viewing the pages. Because the photos of the calendar are discreet, clever, artistic, educational and like the Calendar Girl Movie done Au Natural, all eyes widened with interest. As they carefully flipped through the months, raised eyebrows began to turn into joyous laughter. I laughed with them and enjoyed this moment when no language barrier existed. With a smile on everyone’s face I proceeded to present my lectures which were well received and wonderful questions were asked.

The Dean of the Veterinary School and the President of the Thai Veterinary Medical Association made an announcement after my lectures that the school will now be trying to see about getting a course together. Information on Integrative Veterinary Medicine may become available to the students as well as to Continuing Education for vets in a series of lectures. The positive energies of including acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, whole food nutrition, herbs, ozone therapy and other Integrative topics would be a great way to bring better health for pets in Thailand.

The most beloved piece of the story is they even had me treat the Royal Princess’s cat, Suitja with both acupuncture and homeopathy. The Royal Family in Thailand Is held in such high regard, that it truly was an honor. Poor Suija had fallen out of a tree and had become paralyzed 18 months prior to my visit, and had been cared for at the Chulalongkorn University School of Veterinary Medicine. During the acupuncture treatment we got some significant movement of the legs. I felt really good about the trip because it was a success for Integrated Medicine, the Calendar, and the animals that I treated while I was there. They absolutely loved the Dr.ShowMore Calendar and are thinking of doing one from their University. They hope to get one of their doctors to model with an Elephant for the 2012 Dr.ShowMore calendar.
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