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Dr. Margo Roman Lectures at The IV World Congress on Oxygen Ozone Therapy Rome 2013

Friday, October 4th, 2013

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Dr. Margo Roman Lectures in Rome

Dr. Margo Roman Lectures in Rome

Margo Roman, DVM
The IV World Congress on Oxygen Ozone Therapy September 26-28, 2013, at the Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy. The theme of the Congress was a desire to find affordable solutions for medical issues, and the belief that Ozone efficacy, cost and success will lead world health in a better direction. This year’s Congress was “Health Efficiency and Savings Challenge of the Third Millennium.” The World Ozone Congress brought together Medical Doctors from 26 countries, each presented scientific papers on research and clinical applications of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (“OOT”).

For me going to Italy to learn and share knowledge on Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (“OOT”) was important and valuable. I was able to learn more applications and conditions that have been successfully treated and healed with OOT. At MASH, we have been using Ozone Therapy for 10 years and we feel it is such an asset to helping a multitude of health issues. Much of the research in the world on OOT has been done by the Italians, Russians, Germans and Cubans. It was informative hearing their presentations. With full translations into English, it was wonderful.

I went as a speaker and I was one of 3 veterinarians in attendance. It felt so great to share my experiences of the over 10,000 treatments that I have done over the past 10 years in my practice. It was particularly rewarding to see the many applications that I done through trial and experience proven through statistical double placebo blind trials. Evidence based medicine has been done with ozone research in Italy and around the world. The chance to discuss the applications and share ideas was priceless.

Another amazing experience was that since the World Congress was in Rome, the attendees were invited to St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. Pope Francis made a special announcement during the September 29, 2013, Sunday Mass commemorating the World Congress on Oxygen Ozone Therapy and support of world health.

Dr. Roman gives a Dr ShowMore Calendar to the Pope Francis  via the Swiss Guards at the Vatican on September 29, 2013. St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals. The Pope is concerned about the environment.

Dr. Roman gives a Dr ShowMore Calendar to the Pope Francis via the Swiss Guards at the Vatican on September 29, 2013. St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals. The Pope is concerned about the environment.

I brought about 60 copies of the Dr. ShowMore calendars to give to many of the attendees to share with the veterinarians in their countries. I was even able to bring the 2011 and 2013 version to give as a gift to Pope Francis. The Swiss Guards at the Vatican really liked it, and they received copies as well. St. Francis of Assisi is the patron Saint of animals. Given Pope Francis’ concern for the environment, I thought hat he would possibly learn something about health and sustainable health care options from our info packed calendar.

The food was so delicious in Italy, so I know I gained a few pounds; but it was worth it because I also gained a lot of research articles to defend the use of ozone for so many medical conditions. From infections to cancer, from pain to bulging discs, from MS to Parkinson’s, from renal dialysis to liver failure, the research is there, and the information about the successes needs to be publicized.

For Further Reading

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Here are links to two interesting articles on related topics, for information purposes only.
Bacteria We Pick Up As Kids

A version of this article appeared in print on 07/07/2013, on page SR9 of the NewYork edition with the headline: Why I Donated My Stool.

O3 and The Dead Sea

Monday, July 1st, 2013

I was lecturing at the University for the Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medical Department on Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Ozone therapy and Micro Biome Restorative Therapy.

It was such an enthusiastic group of veterinarians and other health professionals. They also got copies of our Dr. ShowMore Calendar and viewed the Dr DoMore documentary preview. Both were embraced and enjoyed. It was on this journey that this blog was written.

It has been 40 years since my first visit to the Dead Sea. In that time I have spent 35 years studying integrative medicine and especially veterinary medicine.

I have had some time to realize how important health and healing needs
to work with nature. The Dead Sea is an unique geographical and geological location on earth. It is the lowest place on earth over 400 meters below sea level. It is also has a very high ozone layer because of its distance below the surrounding hills, the ozone because it is heavier than air, it sinks to the lowest point and therefore it is present here. Because of the depth below sea level ones ears will pop and the increase in pressure occurs as if going into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I have had both ozone and hyperbaric medicine in my practice for almost 10 years and adjunct to healing the body is so positive. image

Hyperbaric oxygen brings more oxygen to the body by increasing the blood oxygen percentage under pressure. The Dead Sea has been a beacon of healing since the reign of Cleopatra in Egypt where she felt it a place of youth and health.

Drs. Tami Siniaver, Margo Roman, Ronit Aboutboul, Doron Zur at the Koret Veterinary School at the Hebrew University in Rison Le Zion, Israel on June 8, 2013

Drs. Tami Siniaver, Margo Roman, Ronit Aboutboul, Doron Zur at the Koret Veterinary School at the Hebrew University in Rison Le Zion, Israel on June 8, 2013

There are many theories of why the Dead Sea has so many of these health benefits which are quite remarkable. The warm salty water is 10 times more concentrated with salt then any other ocean. It is in this low point on earth that hundreds of thousands of years of water flower downhill have evaporated the salts and created this unique natural wonder. There are more then 40 minerals present in the water. Sitting In these waters your body is almost in a battery of water / charges that can affects the cells mineral components. Absorption through your skin in this warm, soothing, but stinging salty water helps relieve skin and joint issue. People come for over the world to bathe and float in these waters. Doctors from Scandinavia give week long prescriptions to their patients.

Those healing properties have been well know but the ones I think have been overlooked is the Ozone and Hyperbaric oxygen affect. Ozone is what protects our earth from the harmful rays of the sun. Ozone is created with the rising of Oxygen from the earth and it bombarded with ultraviolet light and an electrical spark like lightening. We have O2+O2+O2= O3+O3. This ozone drops down to earth as it is heavier than air and cleanses the earth. It quickly returns to pure O2 where it helps breakdown petrochemicals and pollution. When there are a lot of chemicals like sulfur, heavy metals, and toxins we get smog. Ozone is what helps clean up our air quality.

Ozone or O3 therapy as a medical application helps bring more oxygen to the tissue. It is mixed with high levels of oxygen and helps stimulate the mitochondria of the cells. Our cellar metabolism and repair depends on healthy mitochondria. By increasing the mitochondria numbers and efficiency we heal the body. This type of cellular oxidation is good for the cells.

Including hyperbaric oxygen with the ozone therapy is creating an even higher level of oxygen utilization. Auto immune issues, infections, inflammations, parasitic issues and even cancer thrive in higher levels of CO2. With ozone with are displacing the CO2 with oxygen. With the addition of Biophotonic Blood Therapy BBT or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, combining these oxygen therapies with the already know value of the Dead Sea could really bring health and healing to a whole other level.

What an opportunity to combine nature with peace and wellness. When looking at the geographical location of the Dead Sea and we know it is a location that conflicts are occurring. Hatred and mistrust is pathological in the area. It has caused the US Sept 11 event and the Boston Marathon bombing as well as hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

How can we take this negative passion of War and Death and bring it to Peace and Wellness?

Can we somehow have people look to helping their elder parents stay healthy and their young children achieve the positive potential of having a safe and fulfilling life? My wish is to have people come together for the sake of the earths health and their families full lives.
We need to find the common thread of peace and wellness. To take this Dead Sea and have it give back the breath life into humankind. We need to protect it as we encourage its future use. If we allow cars with petrofumes to exhaust into the area we will have forever lost the oxygen healing that occurs in this ancient
place. Electric and solar power must lead the way. We look to the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It too lies in a bowl and it has become a toxic air city. Reversing that may take a long time if ever. We need to protect this natural resource for the future of peace for humanity.

Lets let healing and health be the peacetime cry for the Mideast and beyond. Lets let the two sons of Abraham help chose a better world.

Micro-Biome Restoration Therapy

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Micro-Biome Restoration Therapy (“MBRT”) or Fecal Transplantation (FT) will soon become common protocol in the re-establishment of the GI tract microbiome in dogs and cats. A single human has over 100  trillion microbes throughout their body, equivalent to two-to-five pounds of varied microscopic life. Quantitatively, we are more microbes than “human” as prokaryotes are so much smaller and less complex than human cells. image

When we use probiotics to support gut health we are using 1-20 species of microorganisms.  According to Dr. Alexander Khorut, M.D., a gastroenterologist at University of Minnesota, he has said that we have from 300-500 species from the mouth to the anus, not including various sub-species. When significant gastrointestinal  problems occur, the microorganisms need to be replaced. A technique which has the hundreds of species available at once is called MBRT. Micro-Biome Restoration Therapy may be the most efficient way to accomplish that goal. If 85 percent of our immune system comes from our gut, then a lack of these normal symbiotic microbes could be the reason for failure of the immune system resulting in disease, cancer and autoimmune issues.

In dogs, eating of feces or copraphagia is a normal behavior of dogs that is frowned about by pet owners. But it is normal. In the wild after a canine or feline kills its prey the first part of the eating starts in the abdomen where intestines and visceral organs are injested. The animal receives all this pre and probiotics with the digestion of the digested plant material that give them fiber and microbes. Is there an innate need for animals to seek out stool because they are looking to support their gut health? image

There are multiple peer reviewed articles that have showed that both oral and rectal infusion of fecal material in humans has been able to reintroduce a balanced GI tract and stop a clostridium difficile overgrowth. There are so many more beneficial microbes that have yet to be discovered and appreciated.

Most recently was an article in the New York Times  When Pills Fail This Option Provides a Cure. The article talks about the fecal transplant in New England Journal of Medicine Article January 16, 2013.

Here at MASH – Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton, we have done over 30 MBRT’s/ fecal transplants on dogs and cats. The results are so positive that we want to share these cases and encourage other veterinarians about how this is such a positive option. We have also done supportive nutrition and have included ozone therapy to increase the O2 in the body and allow more positive O2 utilization.

We always introduce the MBRT to animals that have had priming of the gut flora with digestive enzymes, probiotics, additional whole food glandulars and raw meat diets. Giving all the benefits of bringing the new microbiomes into a new home which has some of the comforts of the original host may allow the balance to survive. Some of our cases have had such a huge positive difference with one dosage, that once was all they needed.

Some have had a two week improvement and then seem to be better but not as good as the initial implant. We are thinking that like probiotic therapy it is done after two weeks and we are seeing the need to repeat the implant. Therefore, caretakers will take home the MRBT material and keep it frozen, removing pieces to be given 1-2 times a week. We are still trying to figure out how long and how much is needed to get a gut back in balance.

We give glandulars to animals to support the glands that are in need. We give prebiotics and probiotics to support the gut’s flora. But if we could give possibly the normal flora and the pre and probiotic in a form that would be consistent, that would naturally be the best method. We might simply use a healthy donor to replenish another individual’s micro ecology.


Biophotonic Blood Therapy BBT

Monday, March 18th, 2013

imageBiophotonic Blood Therapy BBT

We have added a new modality here at MASH to help stimulate the immune system. It has been used for over 80 years in humans around the world. A new adaptation makes it adaptable for treating animals. It also has been called Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation .

It is the process of taking 1/1/2 -3 cc’s blood from a patient and adding heparin to the blood, and then adding ozonated saline to dilute the blood. By diluting the blood you can get more light through the specimen. Adding the O2/O3 saline increases the oxygen in the blood and kills some viruses and other organisms. The blood is run through Ultraviolet light inside a quartz cuvette. This photoluminescense brings light to the blood in a ultraviolet spectrum and kills more viruses and bacteria in the blood. Then, this blood sample when it has been initially ozonated activates the mitochondria of the cells and allows more efficient oxygen utilization in the Krebs Cycle of each mitochondria.

imageThis allows the NAH to become NADH and gives the mitochondria the energy to run the cell. So with the healthy cells supported with oxygen, and the de-activated bacteria and viruses that the UV light killed, it almost acts as an immune responder and allows the body to fight the infection that is attacking the body.

It has been helpful for finding a way to stimulate the body’s own immune system to react. It fights a specific infection, inflammation or disease, that is what we all hope medicine can achieve. By using the body’s own blue print for what is troubling it and giving the healthy cells something as simple as Oxygen could seem too simple. The results of using this are impressive.

The blood and saline solution is returned via a small butterfly catheter in the vein. It can be repeated every 48 hours if acute case or 2 times a week then weekly.


Some of the cases that I have seen improved with BBT are:
Kidney infections and failure
Cognitive Function

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

This wonderful video on TCVM was made by the Chi Institute. “Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine, Inc was founded in Reddick, Florida in 1998. It is now the leading veterinary continuing education (C.E.) provider of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). The mission of the Chi Institute is to train licensed veterinarians to become cutting edge animal health care providers, capable of practicing veterinary acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and other TCVM skills.”

PBS Spotlight on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

Using Functional Medicine and Nutrition Can Bridge Us

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

It is so important for all my clients and caretakers of their animals listen to this amazing lecture.
This will help you clarify your healthcare and really make a model of health.
Listen to this lecture from Dr.Mark Hyman at the lecture Institute of Functional Medicine. Make the hour and you will learn so much. You may know parts but he eloquently puts it all together.

We need to join forces with the message that the below conference has covered. Functional medicine will be the new medical paradigm. It is all what we do and we need to be the leaders to bring all the thoughts together.
I have attended several of the functional medical meetings including the Integrative Health Care Symposium they are wonderful. These folks have the research that we need to partner up with them and we can influence our “within the Box” colleagues.
Dr. Hyman is a supporter of the Dr.DoMore Project.

Dr. Margo Roman: A Lifetime of Caring for Animals BY KIM CHILDS

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

As a child, Dr. Margo Roman was bandaging stuffed animals and taking in wounded creatures. During high school she worked at a veterinary clinic and, in 1978, Roman officially became a veterinarian herself. Five years later she opened her practice as a mobile clinic, which transformed into Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton (MASH), in Hopkinton. 20120821-085445.jpg In 1993 Roman became an integrative alternative practitioner to expand the range of healing modalities that she could offer to animals in her care. Natural Awakenings wanted to know more about this transition.

How did you become aware of complementary medicine for animals?

I was always interested in nutrition since my parents were very health-conscious, giving us things like cod liver oil and other supplements. During veterinary school I took a course with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and it really opened my eyes to other possibilities of treating animals with such things as herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture. While I was teaching anatomy at the Tufts University veterinary school, I also taught an applied acupuncture course to the students on my own time, giving them a glimpse of another healing modality. Today some veterinary schools are teaching about the effectiveness of acupuncture with animals.

Another big reason I decided to do holistic medicine with animals came from my own medical experience during veterinary school. I was administering medication to a cow when it got loose and pushed me against a chute, impaling me on a five-inch nail that caused a huge blood clot in my chest. I kept trying to tell doctors that the problem was in my chest but they insisted it was my spleen. I ended up having two massive surgeries and almost dying when they could have found the real problem by simply tapping my chest. It opened my eyes to the fallibility of the medical profession and made me realize that there are other ways to help animals besides rushing to do surgery or something equally traumatic right away.

What alternative approaches have worked with the animals you’ve treated?

In 2001 a client brought her dog to me with tumors in his abdomen. The dog couldn’t walk anymore and two vets had told her to euthanize him. We did acupuncture, homeopathy and nutritional therapy and he ended up having three-and-a-half more really great years of life. The same thing happened with my daughter’s horse, which had eye cancer. He lived for more than two years with alternative treatments after other vets wanted to put him down. I’ve also seen amazing health improvements in animals after my clients switched to raw or partly raw diets for their pets.

What are some practices that you’d like to see more animal caregivers adopt?

The most important thing is high-quality, whole-food nutrition because it’s the key to strengthening the immune system, which is largely based in the gut. Second, I recommend that, when possible, people use plant botanicals, herbs, homeopathy and other options with animals instead of drugs like antibiotics, NSAIDs or steroids. Pain can be managed with acupuncture and chiropractic, whereas pain medications can have harmful side effects, such as liver failure. Masking problems with medication doesn’t correct the problem or imbalance and the body actually deteriorates more because it’s out of alignment. I also use ozone therapy, which yields amazing results with such things as Lyme and dental disease, infections and wounds, cancer, pain, inflammation and chronic itching. At MASH we limit the use of vaccinations, which are tied to rising cancer rates in animals, by checking for antibodies after the initial shots are administered.

How can people find veterinarians who use complementary medicine?

There’s a great organization called the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, and people can visit and see a directory of veterinarians and what modalities they have studied. It’s broken down by state and there are a number of holistic practitioners in Massachusetts. We’ve also created a video called Dr. Do More that’s designed to educate people about natural health for pets. It’s available on our website,, and it has some great information.

Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton is located at 72 W. Main St., Hopkinton. For more information, call 508-435-4077 or visit

This article appears in the July 2012 issue of MIDS


Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Catherine O’Driscoll 8:31am Aug 16
Send a letter to your vet!

Veterinarians are largely uneducated about vaccine adverse effects, and they’ve been taught for decades that annual vaccination is necessary and relatively harmless. In addition, a large percentage of veterinary practice income has traditionally come from boosters.

So despite official pronouncements from veterinary bodies such as the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, the profession has been very slow to change vaccination protocols or take duration of immunity data on board. Anyone who has a pet who has suffered a vaccine reaction will understand why this situation needs to change.

We have put a letter up on the Pet Welfare Alliance website for YOU to print off and send to your vet. If you’re really wonderful, you will also print off letters for several practices in your area.

So for just a few pence or cents, you can be part of the solution and change history for companion animals. Your effort will also help to educate your own vet, which will improve the relationship you have, and the advice you can expect.

You won’t need to fight your vet to prevent over-vaccination, and you won’t need to feel a freak for being educated and informed. So by helping others, you also help yourself.

This is the link for sending a letter to your vet:

The letter comes from the Pet Welfare Alliance, which means that you don’t have to get into any arguments with your vet!

Having read this letter, vets can’t in all conscience tell anyone that their dog or cat needs an annual shot. Or, if they do, you have information to hand to explain exactly why they neither need, nor can benefit from, unnecessary boosters.

We’ve also found a way in the UK and America that will overcome the loss of booster income for vets … making it much more likely that they will consider the science and change their vaccine protocols.

We have negotiated a discount with the UK and US distributors of VacciCheck, the in-practice titer testing kit. So rather than writing to vet practices and risking affronting them by stating the scientific truth, we are writing to tell them the truth whilst at the same time offering them a price incentive – a discount – to swap from boosters to titers.

Everyone wins!

Vets can now offer an inexpensive and speedy titer test, and pet owners can be sure that their dogs and cats are protected from viral disease without risking vaccine adverse effects, and without the practice losing income.

The letter to vets also has links to the Pet Welfare Alliance website, giving scientific duration of immunity studies, and referenced scientific research showing that vaccines can cause a wide range of diseases. You may find this data of use yourselves. The link for this is:

If you go to this link:, you can also choose to send letters to:

Boarding kennels
Training/dog clubs
Breed clubs or societies
Local authorities

Each letter is written specifically for these groups. And each of these groups is responsible for keeping over-vaccination in place. We are, in effect, launching an educational campaign. The truth will set all our pets free!

Also, sign the supporter’s list for free email Updates.

Important Video About Feeding Your Pets

Monday, July 30th, 2012

This is a wonderful video that really explains the pet food industry and will help us all realized that making our own diets will be the best way to know what is in your animals foods. As MASH clients we need to reach out to other pet caretakers to realize the need for quality wholesome fresh organic foods. 20120730-112339.jpgThe AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association is looking to stop the raw food industry because of bacteria concerns. This is an area that we are concerned with but using wholesome fresh foods will have less chance of being tainted then commercial foods that start with inferior products. Watch this video and contact the AVMA to voice your concern

The New England district representative to the AVMA email addresses are