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Conscious Riding at Kripalu

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

This summer I was able to spend time at Kripalu in Lenox MA which is in the Berkshires. I got into taking a class in Conscious Riding which was a blend of yoga meditation and connecting with a horse. What a perfect opportunity it was to have all these techniques become part of one’s riding experience.

Spending time with an animal in a deeper way can help one heal the stressors of your life as well as an added benefit of having the animal in your life. For me riding in the woods with my two standard poodles Geneva 12, and Lilihana 7 and now Missy too, who is a paint Missouri Fox trotter, is my time to reflect and just be with these kind and loving creatures.

Paul Striberry, who is a professional horseman for over 50 years teaches a holistic approach to horsemanship that encourages congruence in body, mind, and spirit. Paul’s approach to Conscious Riding supports you in seeing your horse as an SUV—Spiritual Utility Vehicle—and understanding riding as a practice of meditation in motion on the path to awakening.

The core teachings of this program are grounded in yogic philosophy: feeling the natural balance and learning to watch your fears instead of getting caught in them. In this way, We learned to
Ride beyond our edge
Expand our abilities
Met new challenges.

During the program, riding takes place at Under Mountain Farm, three miles from Kripalu. Paul had two assistance from Sandra doing her Yoga and Hardas assisting with the horse preparation.

If any of you have not been to Kripalu it is a must to have a place that is like an adult summer camp that nurtures all parts of you in your plans. The food is wonderful, served as a buffet it is organic, local and sustainable and mostly vegan. You can have Yoga classes 3 times a day and other hiking and kayaking if you want. There is time to meditate and quiet places to reflect.. One can indulge in may types of massage and spa type treatments. And yes they have some amazing courses covering many wellness topics. If you get a chance to treat yourself do so. It is an investment in yourself, so that you can be healthier then thats what you should do.