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Dr. Margo Roman Lectures at The IV World Congress on Oxygen Ozone Therapy Rome 2013

Friday, October 4th, 2013

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Dr. Margo Roman Lectures in Rome

Dr. Margo Roman Lectures in Rome

Margo Roman, DVM
The IV World Congress on Oxygen Ozone Therapy September 26-28, 2013, at the Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy. The theme of the Congress was a desire to find affordable solutions for medical issues, and the belief that Ozone efficacy, cost and success will lead world health in a better direction. This year’s Congress was “Health Efficiency and Savings Challenge of the Third Millennium.” The World Ozone Congress brought together Medical Doctors from 26 countries, each presented scientific papers on research and clinical applications of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (“OOT”).

For me going to Italy to learn and share knowledge on Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (“OOT”) was important and valuable. I was able to learn more applications and conditions that have been successfully treated and healed with OOT. At MASH, we have been using Ozone Therapy for 10 years and we feel it is such an asset to helping a multitude of health issues. Much of the research in the world on OOT has been done by the Italians, Russians, Germans and Cubans. It was informative hearing their presentations. With full translations into English, it was wonderful.

I went as a speaker and I was one of 3 veterinarians in attendance. It felt so great to share my experiences of the over 10,000 treatments that I have done over the past 10 years in my practice. It was particularly rewarding to see the many applications that I done through trial and experience proven through statistical double placebo blind trials. Evidence based medicine has been done with ozone research in Italy and around the world. The chance to discuss the applications and share ideas was priceless.

Another amazing experience was that since the World Congress was in Rome, the attendees were invited to St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. Pope Francis made a special announcement during the September 29, 2013, Sunday Mass commemorating the World Congress on Oxygen Ozone Therapy and support of world health.

Dr. Roman gives a Dr ShowMore Calendar to the Pope Francis  via the Swiss Guards at the Vatican on September 29, 2013. St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals. The Pope is concerned about the environment.

Dr. Roman gives a Dr ShowMore Calendar to the Pope Francis via the Swiss Guards at the Vatican on September 29, 2013. St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals. The Pope is concerned about the environment.

I brought about 60 copies of the Dr. ShowMore calendars to give to many of the attendees to share with the veterinarians in their countries. I was even able to bring the 2011 and 2013 version to give as a gift to Pope Francis. The Swiss Guards at the Vatican really liked it, and they received copies as well. St. Francis of Assisi is the patron Saint of animals. Given Pope Francis’ concern for the environment, I thought hat he would possibly learn something about health and sustainable health care options from our info packed calendar.

The food was so delicious in Italy, so I know I gained a few pounds; but it was worth it because I also gained a lot of research articles to defend the use of ozone for so many medical conditions. From infections to cancer, from pain to bulging discs, from MS to Parkinson’s, from renal dialysis to liver failure, the research is there, and the information about the successes needs to be publicized.

O3 and The Dead Sea

Monday, July 1st, 2013

I was lecturing at the University for the Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medical Department on Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Ozone therapy and Micro Biome Restorative Therapy.

It was such an enthusiastic group of veterinarians and other health professionals. They also got copies of our Dr. ShowMore Calendar and viewed the Dr DoMore documentary preview. Both were embraced and enjoyed. It was on this journey that this blog was written.

It has been 40 years since my first visit to the Dead Sea. In that time I have spent 35 years studying integrative medicine and especially veterinary medicine.

I have had some time to realize how important health and healing needs
to work with nature. The Dead Sea is an unique geographical and geological location on earth. It is the lowest place on earth over 400 meters below sea level. It is also has a very high ozone layer because of its distance below the surrounding hills, the ozone because it is heavier than air, it sinks to the lowest point and therefore it is present here. Because of the depth below sea level ones ears will pop and the increase in pressure occurs as if going into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I have had both ozone and hyperbaric medicine in my practice for almost 10 years and adjunct to healing the body is so positive. image

Hyperbaric oxygen brings more oxygen to the body by increasing the blood oxygen percentage under pressure. The Dead Sea has been a beacon of healing since the reign of Cleopatra in Egypt where she felt it a place of youth and health.

Drs. Tami Siniaver, Margo Roman, Ronit Aboutboul, Doron Zur at the Koret Veterinary School at the Hebrew University in Rison Le Zion, Israel on June 8, 2013

Drs. Tami Siniaver, Margo Roman, Ronit Aboutboul, Doron Zur at the Koret Veterinary School at the Hebrew University in Rison Le Zion, Israel on June 8, 2013

There are many theories of why the Dead Sea has so many of these health benefits which are quite remarkable. The warm salty water is 10 times more concentrated with salt then any other ocean. It is in this low point on earth that hundreds of thousands of years of water flower downhill have evaporated the salts and created this unique natural wonder. There are more then 40 minerals present in the water. Sitting In these waters your body is almost in a battery of water / charges that can affects the cells mineral components. Absorption through your skin in this warm, soothing, but stinging salty water helps relieve skin and joint issue. People come for over the world to bathe and float in these waters. Doctors from Scandinavia give week long prescriptions to their patients.

Those healing properties have been well know but the ones I think have been overlooked is the Ozone and Hyperbaric oxygen affect. Ozone is what protects our earth from the harmful rays of the sun. Ozone is created with the rising of Oxygen from the earth and it bombarded with ultraviolet light and an electrical spark like lightening. We have O2+O2+O2= O3+O3. This ozone drops down to earth as it is heavier than air and cleanses the earth. It quickly returns to pure O2 where it helps breakdown petrochemicals and pollution. When there are a lot of chemicals like sulfur, heavy metals, and toxins we get smog. Ozone is what helps clean up our air quality.

Ozone or O3 therapy as a medical application helps bring more oxygen to the tissue. It is mixed with high levels of oxygen and helps stimulate the mitochondria of the cells. Our cellar metabolism and repair depends on healthy mitochondria. By increasing the mitochondria numbers and efficiency we heal the body. This type of cellular oxidation is good for the cells.

Including hyperbaric oxygen with the ozone therapy is creating an even higher level of oxygen utilization. Auto immune issues, infections, inflammations, parasitic issues and even cancer thrive in higher levels of CO2. With ozone with are displacing the CO2 with oxygen. With the addition of Biophotonic Blood Therapy BBT or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, combining these oxygen therapies with the already know value of the Dead Sea could really bring health and healing to a whole other level.

What an opportunity to combine nature with peace and wellness. When looking at the geographical location of the Dead Sea and we know it is a location that conflicts are occurring. Hatred and mistrust is pathological in the area. It has caused the US Sept 11 event and the Boston Marathon bombing as well as hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

How can we take this negative passion of War and Death and bring it to Peace and Wellness?

Can we somehow have people look to helping their elder parents stay healthy and their young children achieve the positive potential of having a safe and fulfilling life? My wish is to have people come together for the sake of the earths health and their families full lives.
We need to find the common thread of peace and wellness. To take this Dead Sea and have it give back the breath life into humankind. We need to protect it as we encourage its future use. If we allow cars with petrofumes to exhaust into the area we will have forever lost the oxygen healing that occurs in this ancient
place. Electric and solar power must lead the way. We look to the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It too lies in a bowl and it has become a toxic air city. Reversing that may take a long time if ever. We need to protect this natural resource for the future of peace for humanity.

Lets let healing and health be the peacetime cry for the Mideast and beyond. Lets let the two sons of Abraham help chose a better world.


Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Catherine O’Driscoll 8:31am Aug 16
Send a letter to your vet!

Veterinarians are largely uneducated about vaccine adverse effects, and they’ve been taught for decades that annual vaccination is necessary and relatively harmless. In addition, a large percentage of veterinary practice income has traditionally come from boosters.

So despite official pronouncements from veterinary bodies such as the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, the profession has been very slow to change vaccination protocols or take duration of immunity data on board. Anyone who has a pet who has suffered a vaccine reaction will understand why this situation needs to change.

We have put a letter up on the Pet Welfare Alliance website for YOU to print off and send to your vet. If you’re really wonderful, you will also print off letters for several practices in your area.

So for just a few pence or cents, you can be part of the solution and change history for companion animals. Your effort will also help to educate your own vet, which will improve the relationship you have, and the advice you can expect.

You won’t need to fight your vet to prevent over-vaccination, and you won’t need to feel a freak for being educated and informed. So by helping others, you also help yourself.

This is the link for sending a letter to your vet:

The letter comes from the Pet Welfare Alliance, which means that you don’t have to get into any arguments with your vet!

Having read this letter, vets can’t in all conscience tell anyone that their dog or cat needs an annual shot. Or, if they do, you have information to hand to explain exactly why they neither need, nor can benefit from, unnecessary boosters.

We’ve also found a way in the UK and America that will overcome the loss of booster income for vets … making it much more likely that they will consider the science and change their vaccine protocols.

We have negotiated a discount with the UK and US distributors of VacciCheck, the in-practice titer testing kit. So rather than writing to vet practices and risking affronting them by stating the scientific truth, we are writing to tell them the truth whilst at the same time offering them a price incentive – a discount – to swap from boosters to titers.

Everyone wins!

Vets can now offer an inexpensive and speedy titer test, and pet owners can be sure that their dogs and cats are protected from viral disease without risking vaccine adverse effects, and without the practice losing income.

The letter to vets also has links to the Pet Welfare Alliance website, giving scientific duration of immunity studies, and referenced scientific research showing that vaccines can cause a wide range of diseases. You may find this data of use yourselves. The link for this is:

If you go to this link:, you can also choose to send letters to:

Boarding kennels
Training/dog clubs
Breed clubs or societies
Local authorities

Each letter is written specifically for these groups. And each of these groups is responsible for keeping over-vaccination in place. We are, in effect, launching an educational campaign. The truth will set all our pets free!

Also, sign the supporter’s list for free email Updates.

AHVMA Foundation Fund Raising

Friday, June 29th, 2012

To all my clients of MASH and supporters of the Dr.DoMore Project, Dr ShowMore Calendar the Integrative Health Pet Expo and all the projects of the Center for Integrative Veterinary Care. We are so excited that the AHVMA foundation has this wonderful opportunity to have funds matched by Drs Becker and Mercola and want you to support this effort.
As you know our mission is to outreach and educate to the public and profession to bring integrative veterinary care to the animals we all want to keep healthy. Having the funds to make it happen is so important and will help make it happen. This is a timely opportunity for the matching so do it before July 2,2012. Otherwise this foundation will be there as a wonderful place to help support all our efforts

Our goal is to advance Holistic Veterinary medicine and to make it part of every veterinary school. The Foundation currently funds scholarships for veterinary students, student chapters of the AHVMA and research grants. We have operated on a shoestring since inception but finally have a chance to take off and SOAR.

The AHVMA Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3. The Foundation works to improve research and professional education and scholarship for holistic and integrative veterinary medicine.

Drs. Mercola and Becker ( have agreed to match every donation on a 2:1 basis for this week up to a maximum (on their part) of another $400,000 making a potential of $600,000 total

Please Note – Donations can be general or directed. Since a number of my clients are adamantly against animal testing in any way, you can specify that you are donating to help develop programs and scholarships to make animal testing unnecessary. It is my firm commitment that these moral obligations attached to those donations WILL be honored .

Yes! Drs. Mercola and Becker will match every dollar donated to the Foundation between June 25-July 2, 2012. That means every $12 donation becomes $36 and $100 becomes $300! They will donate up to $400,000, so please help us collect $200,000 before Monday!

If you have someone to Honor or to Remember and feel Alternative Holistic Veterinary Medicine has importance then now is the time to help.

You can even pledge for donations over $1,000. Simply pledge to our web site during the time period and then fund by no later than August 17, 2012.

Please forward this email to your friends and colleagues and post it online. Please encourage them to donate a dollar a month ($12) or more to support this important work.

Please Donate Now:

I have put together a short pdf on how to donate online for those of you feeling less tech aware. Here is a link to the instructions from the Natural Holistic web site.

Foundation Facebook Page (for updates):

We have cancer in our pets because…

Monday, June 18th, 2012

The below article is a topic that I think should be on the minds of every individual as we ponder why so many animal are getting cancer and they are getting sicker and sicker. As a veterinarian for over 35 years I am seeing more chronically ill animals that cannot be cured as their immune systems 20120618-124943.jpgthat have failed. We are seeing this in younger and younger animals as cancer affects over 46% of dogs and 39 % of cats. The frustration that veterinarians and their caretakers feel is overwhelming. Owners ask Why? and Why can’t we help them? We are getting epigenetic damage from many of the 80,000 chemicals that are in our environment that were not there 60 years ago.

Those of us that work in holistic veterinary medicine are trying to find ways to keep these tragic failures of the health of these individual animals. As we look at the research that is in the below and now we can see that all the pesticides, toxins and unnecessary vaccinations that we have given our pets for generation after generation have done damage that has changed the genes of those pets. What our dogs grandmother got exposed to can affect multiple generations to come. Sicker and sicker, younger and younger until it is so obvious.

We all need to start to wake up and start to question all the chemicals we put on our lawns, clean our homes, spray or spot on our pets. You are what you eat and those chemical will transfer their damage to your DNA too. The animals we bring into our homes are the canaries in the coal mine. They are showing us what the future of our human family members will be. In 12 years we can see 6 generations of pets and genetic breakdown can be right in front of our face…Lets wake up and try to stop further damage and help our beloved family members more protected from toxic chemicals and environmental damage.

I say these words as a frustrated veterinarian questioning the massive numbers of cancer that come into my practice. We try to boost the immune system and try to support the healthy cells and organs so they can resist the DNA damage. We hope to make more quality life and more quality time with these very important family members.



Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

A very important group that I have had the fortune of being a member of for over 26 years is WAND, Women’s Action for New Direction and it celebrated its 30th anniversary. Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament was its first name and it was started to try to reduce nuclear proliferation by Dr. Helen Caldicott, an Australian pediatrician concerned about the health and safety of our world and all the children in it.

This group of grass root activist go to Washington DC to lobby for reduction of unnecessary military spendings and wants to redirect funding to women and children health, education, environmental issues and peace initiatives. For the past 20 years WAND started WiLL Women’s Legislative Lobby, which are women legislators from all 50 US states. This outstanding group of politically active women have the power in numbers to bring topics to both the US Congress and Senate.

It is an empowering experience to go to Washington DC with these outspoken, intelligent, caring and articulate women and present support or objection to a particular bill or issue. It is important to be able to have your voice heard at all levels but to have the experience to Lobby as a group with an agenda that can really help change the world for the better and know that your lobbying is not big business or corporate driven but from the heart is truly rewarding.

We celebrated out Mother’s Day event on Friday May 11. 2011. I have been the only veterinarian in this group for over 26 years and feel so lucky to be able to bring animal issues into these conversations Check out all the issues and events at


Lobby Day for Animals

Monday, May 7th, 2012

This year on April 26, 2012, we had a wonderful gathering of concerned citizens who participated in the Lobby Day for Animals at the Massachusetts State House. We were able to meet with legislators on animal welfare issues which I will mention below.
Since I am a member of the Human Society Veterinary Medical Association HSVMA I was also able to go with seven fellow veterinarians concerned about these issues. HSVMA is a national organization of veterinary professionals – including more than 140 Massachusetts members – with a focus on the health and well‐being of animals. Members include veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assistants, and veterinary students.

RE: Veterinary Support for H 458/ S786, The Massachusetts Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. There is ample scientific evidence to support prohibiting restrictive animal crating systems. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) concluded that calves must be able to at least comfortably turn around. And the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production, which was funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and included the former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, recommended against “all systems that restrict natural movement,” including gestation crates.

The confinement systems prohibited by this legislation are currently legal in Massachusetts. They allow producers to raise a greater number of animals on a smaller amount of land, resulting in a higher concentration of toxic animal waste, significant public health risks, and wide‐scale animal suffering. H 458/S 786 would protect the local agricultural brands and family farms of Massachusetts.  Eight other states have already passed similar laws and 89 percent of Massachusetts voters polled said they would support legislation to prohibit such intensive agricultural confinement systems. The bill is supported by a broad coalition of animal health, welfare and environmental organizations, including the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), The Humane League, Farm Forward and the Massachusetts Sierra Club.
We strongly encourage your passage of this common‐sense farm animal protection reform.

Thank goodness this type of farming is not used in Massachusetts but by having it not allowed in the state we can continue to improve the care that our farm animals are getting. This is just the start of reform in this area of animal husbandry and as the consumer demands more from markets like Whole Foods and others for compassionate and sustainable care for our farm animals we will become a better society. Large factory farms have animals as commodities and are not appreciating their lives as creatures with feelings. To have our food suffer from unnecessary pain and torture cannot be healthful to anyone. Having animals happy and healthy with less stress in their lives will make for better health for everyone.

RE: Veterinary Support for S 2192, An Act to Update the Municipal Animal Control Laws in Massachusetts support for S 2192,

S 2192 is a bill which would strengthen the dangerous dog law, improve the spay/neuter law for animal shelters, ensure that animal control officers receive professional training, update legal definitions pertaining to kennels, prevent the use of inhumane methods of euthanasia, and help Massachusetts municipalities save money by reducing the numbers of homeless animals under their care.
S 682 It also will address the link between animal abuse and child and domestic violence abuse, so as to protect animals if there is a restraining order against a family member, the animals will be protected as well.
S 2192 and S682 have been put forth by a broad coalition of animal health and welfare organizations, including the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), the Animal Rescue League of Boston, the Animal Control Officers Association of Massachusetts (ACOAM), the Massachusetts Bureau of Animal Health, and the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA). It is also supported by MassFed.
We strongly encourage your passage of this important animal protection and public safety

Wildlife Bills Concerning Trapping H3315 Inhumane Trapping Leghold, conibear body gripping traps that cause unnecessary animal suffering. 
H 3946 Sunday Hunting .. do not allow hunting on Sunday as to let others enjoy the outdoors during hunting season without the fear of guns and injury do to hunting.
H1998 Moose Hunting.. there are less than 1000 moose in the state and starting a hunting season will diminish the herds. Putting signage up warning about moose crossings will reduce moose and car interaction. You can contact your legislators in support of the the bills.

Mass Challenge Please Vote!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

20120418-122528.jpg Dr. Margo’s friend Geoff DePaula M.Ac., Lic.Ac., Dipl.C.H. is making important strides for holistic healthcare. Geoff is entering the Mass Challenge, the largest entrepreneurial start up competition in the world – right here in Boston! He needs your vote! Now that you know about his concept of Integrative Medicine Health Insurance –please take 15 seconds and give him your “thumbs up” vote!

You can vote HERE and give him a 5 Star (“Awesome”) rating on the project!

Tell Us Your Pet’s Health Story

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

We hope to hear medical cases that could have benefited by an openness of minds about health. These are pets who could have benefitted from a collaborative effort to bring the best from allopathic and holistic medicine. Telling our stories will one day bring about a new ‘Gold Standard of Care’. Here is how you can help.

Many of you have mentioned how upset you are from hearing about Dr. Margo Roman’s legal case. When accounting the failure of the court to take up the free speech aspect in Dr. Margo’s case against Tufts, it demonstrates how far apart the veterinary school is philosophically from todays pet consumer.

As we all sit here in Massachusetts, we rest upon the laurels of the work that was done before us. We are supposedly the most liberal, progressive, and forward thinking people there are. We have hospitals, clinics and universities that compete with the best in the world.

We are also spiritually descended from civil libertarians, and before that people who engaged in civil disobedience. How is it that we have ended up just following instructions being shepherded along by allopathic veterinarians who because of their limited exposure to other caring options and cannot offer the full range of treatments available?  For example, you would think that euthanasia is a last resort after all options have been explored, but all too often it isn’t.

Animals can’t speak for themselves, but we can infer from the ones who survive hurricanes and tornados and then walk home with broken legs, that if given a choice, the animals would choose to survive. Humans do not get euthanized when they loose an eye, and yet Haiti the Hawk was, and Champ Dr. Margo’s horse almost was. Those doctors were so self assured in their arrogance that they were the ones who were blinded? Humans are not electively euthanized because they have cancer, if they can have good care, and live with it, each day of life is valued and respected.

The answers for most of the horror stories we hear are often something simple. Many caretakers know how to make wholesome meals and home remedies to raise his or her family, and those same healthful things are most often true for the needs of our pets. But allopathic vets rely on the information they get from the corporate pet food industry and they don’t want you to know that. They want you to swallow their prepackaged solutions, and ignore dangerous side effects from some prescription drugs and inferior quality pet foods. Holistic care is logical and makes sense. Giving the body a chance to repair itself with support from quality nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture and an array of other positive caring modalities, has been used for hundreds to thousands of years. Integrated healthcare should be accessible to everyone and their pets.

Why do we have to drive an hour or two from many points in Massachusetts to find a holistic veterinarian? Because what we have is veterinarians whose training is paid for in part by pharmaceutical companies. Universities like Tufts appear to be hand in hand with corporations whose main interest is the latest promotion, which brings them profit, and is not always the best for the health of animals.

Instead, in many cases pet parents know more about holistic remedies and alternatives than some otherwise well intentioned vets who have been indoctrinated since medical school that these drugs and those methods are the one and only way. The cycle continues as graduated vets get continuing education which is subsidized, free products and other perks from big pharmaceutical and pet food companies. They get perks from them, and so sell those products, never knowing that there are better alternatives.

We, the public now know better. We are beginning to demand more from our pet food companies, and our vets. We are tired of cats with urinary tracts that are damaged from commercial cat food. We are heartbroken over dogs who have dog food allergies and skin problems then get reactions to the foods. We have put up with enough of our animals having upset stomaches from bad foods, indiscriminate dosing with pesticides, and inoculations that are unnecessary that may cause illness and cancer. These few issues alone have become as well known as internet Memes due to the public, not vets, having these discussions.

For many years Dr. Margo has been trying to open the minds of Veterinary Teaching Universities such as Tufts. Her expectations are high, she believes that veterinary education should be on the cutting edge. It should be the highest level of openness and collaboration to find the best solutions. Veterinary Schools like Western University, Atlantic Veterinary School in PEI and Colorado State have integrative medicine classes and also allows students to get credits to take these integrative course outside the college? Tufts is behind the curve, anxiously holding on to their Big Pharma patrons, like an allopathic mafia where no one leaves The Firm.

Integrated medicine saves animals from pain, accelerates healing, and takes the best from both aspects of medicine. No vet should be denying those alternatives. Acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, nutrition and ozone are part of a total medical care and healing experience. Leaving them out as options can ignore the needs of clients and their animals.

Would you like to help or share your story? Dr. Margo is looking for volunteers to help out. Do you have an allopathic vet story that shows lack of openness for total care? We need more people to help with many pet activism projects. Let us know please send email

We are starting a legal defense fund to help Dr. Margo keep working to make this freedom for quality healthcare a reality. (So support her efforts and donate. ~MASH Geek)

The Natural Products Expo 2012 EXPO WEST

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

On March 9, 2012 I was able to attend the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim California. I was there to network and reconnect with some of the companies that had seen and liked the Dr DoMore and Sr ShowMore Projects so they could see the 2013 Calendar. With over 3,000 booths this event 20120331-150146.jpgwas immense and proof that the natural health industry is well and thriving. Many new products were coming on the market as experienced companies showed of their new ideas and brand new companies launched their creative goods.

There was a lot of interest in the Calendar and the hope was to get creative ads for the upcoming 2013 project. A lot of gluten free goods which are good for pets were represented. Enterprising companies have seen the demands of consumers for more products using coconut, chia and organic berries and juices.

Natural cleaning products were on my list to add to the new Dr.ShowMore 2013 highlighting sustainable green medicine. When it comes to cleaning products the chemicals that are in the products will get absorbed through the skin and lungs of both you and your pet. Dogs and cats will lick their paws and bodies and if they are lying on floors and carpets that were cleaned with un-natural solvents or toxic chemicals those will be absorbed into the pets. BPA is another chemical found in the lining of pet food cans and we need to be looking for companies that do not have BPA in their products. It is hard to see that since it is not on their radar and it needs to be.

I was able to attend the lecture of Kathleen Merrigan who is the Agriculture Deputy Secretary of the USDA who presented the new governmental website: Know Your Farmer Know Your Food which will be covering sustainability of local farms. There is a whole department that addresses organic production and regulations. I gave Secretary Merrigan a copy of both the 2011 Dr ShowMore Calendar and the Dr.DoMore Film preview in hopes that she will read and watch these an see the need for Integrative holistic care for animals. This would reduce the antibiotic overuse and keep animals healthier and treatment more sustainable and humane.