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What’s New at MASH!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Dear MASH Family,


IMG_3879Dr. Margo Roman is Back
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Margo Roman has resumed practicing on a limited part time basis.

As you may know, she suffered an injury last fall and has had a long and slow recovery process. While she has not recovered enough to resume her workload of last year, we are excited to welcome her back, and she looks forward to seeing you and your pet(s) soon!





Welcome Dr. Washington, our New Rockstar VeterinarianAyse

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Ayse Washington has joined the MASH practice full time. Throughout her 17 year career, Dr. Washington has held positions in general practice, emergency medicine, critical care, and rehabilitation. Dr. Washington studied veterinary medicine at Tuskegee University and received her DVM degree in 1999. Dr. Washington has completed coursework in acupuncture at the Chi Institute for Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and is also a canine rehabilitation practitioner, obtaining her rehabilitation certification from the University of Tennessee’s Canine Rehabilitation Program. Dr. Washington has developed an interest and passion in treating animals who are struggling with chronic illnesses, debilitating diseases, and end of life issues. She seeks to offer alternative options to treat her patients, such as utilizing acupuncture and nutritional supplements; we know you will love the care that your pet receives!


Heartworm Season
Also, friendly reminder: heartworm, flea, and tick season will soon be upon us. Now is the time to schedule annual wellness exams and start your pets on heartworm prevention medication. We offer a variety of natural flea and tick prevention products that are safe for both you and your pets, so please contact us to try one of our chemical-free options!
Please call us at (508) 435-4077 to schedule an appointment soon.

Plant Pure Nation

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
Dr. Colin Campbell

Dr. Colin Campbell

Plant Pure NationAt Dana-Farber Jimmy Fund Aud on Sept 21, 2015 there was a fabulous presentation on Plant Pure Nation. This documentary done by Dr. Colin Campbell and his son showed how we need to change food to correct medical health issues. By turning to a plant-based organic diet, several studies were done to show how a population could reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. It also showed how difficult it was to try to influence state legislators to embrace the opportunity to make their constituents healthier. With the influence of the meat and dairy industry these legislators showed the allegiance to their meat and dairy donors. The opportunity to meet Dr. Colin Campbell at this meeting and to reconnect with Dr. Kathryn Hayward were wonderful. The need to integrate functional nutrition and healthy eating affects all animals and humans. Bringing a plant-based diet to dogs is a project that is being worked on by a group of veterinarians. So check out and



MASHVet is on YouTube!

Monday, February 10th, 2014

20120821-085445.jpgDr. Roman has decided to make a YouTube page dedicated to educating our clients on the different therapies we offer. She would like you to be prepared and informed about the new and old holistic treatments she provides at her clinic.

She talks about Nutrition, Vaccines and Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer, as well as Ozone Therapy, MBRT Therapy and UVBI Therapy.

Check them out and stay tuned for more videos.

Important Video About Feeding Your Pets

Monday, July 30th, 2012

This is a wonderful video that really explains the pet food industry and will help us all realized that making our own diets will be the best way to know what is in your animals foods. As MASH clients we need to reach out to other pet caretakers to realize the need for quality wholesome fresh organic foods. 20120730-112339.jpgThe AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association is looking to stop the raw food industry because of bacteria concerns. This is an area that we are concerned with but using wholesome fresh foods will have less chance of being tainted then commercial foods that start with inferior products. Watch this video and contact the AVMA to voice your concern

The New England district representative to the AVMA email addresses are

Pet Dental Health

Monday, November 14th, 2011

In veterinary school we are taught that dogs and cats need to have balanced diets that have been formulated by reputable companies. Some of these companies have well balanced products. They also give funds to the veterinary schools so they can be recommended by the veterinarians at that University. Does that mean that these foods are healthy for long term health of immune systems? Does that mean that commercial processed dog foods are good for dental health?

From my 33 years of experience, dental disease can really vary from pet to pet. If there are members of the pet family that share water bowls, then one animal with high amount of gingivitis and bacteria may have an impact on the bacteria in other animals. When they all share water contamination can occur. What would keep all those mouths healthy?

Giving bones and raw food give an animal foods that they have to work on, to actually be able to swallow. In the wild dogs and cats do not cook for themselves and eat mushy food. They first have to catch and kill their prey and they then they will tear open the abdomen and eat the intestines, liver and other organs. While they consume meat they are tearing it off the bones, and then crunching the bone. It seems is violent and gross to us humans, but it is the natural way dogs and cats eat. They do not stop by a fire pit and cook and separate their food. They eat it raw and all parts of the body, as fresh as they can.

My clients that switch to a raw diet with raw bone, will see an amazing cleaning of the mouth. It has shocked many of the skeptical clients that were told that they should NEVER feed their dog bones because they shatter and have shards that can perforate the intestines. I have not ever seen that with a raw bone. When the bone is raw it can be digested to a large extent. When the dog has a bowel movement it can come out hard like chalk, as the calcium and minerals in the bone is left in the stool. This does not give dogs constipation normally. There are always exceptions.

If you have a dog that gobbles down its food with one swallow you many need to use a meat cleaver to make the portion broken into several pieces. Giving a bigger bone of which the dog cannot swallow all at once can sometimes start them beginning healthy gnawing rather that gulping.

But the most amazing aspect of feeding a raw diet to dogs and cats is how healthy looking many of them become. Their teeth self clean as they learn to chew and gnaw on the bones. Hundreds of dollars of dental cleanings can be unnecessary when the animal can clean its own teeth. It is so worth the cost of switching to raw.

For those of you thinking of switching it is important to have some digestive enzymes and probiotics to help reboot the gut so that the transition is easy. I like using Rx Vitamin Biotic and Rx Vitamin Nutrigest. There are many resources for raw feeding and we are also willing to help you feel comfortable with the transition.

Always handle raw meat carefully. Be sure you keep it out of young kids hands and away from counters that you prepare salads and fresh foods for humans. Raw meat bacteria are only an issue in people and not in animals. Dogs lick their paws from walking in the dirt and stepping in animal stools. Dogs lick their rear ends and a lot of other normally gross things. So eating raw fresh meat will not have as much bacteria as your steps into your home or your garden. So take the step and see how things improve in the health of your animal family friend.

Vaccines and the Immune System

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

As I enter into my thirty – fourth year of practice as a veterinarian, I find myself analyzing the many topics related to immune system failure. Cancer. What is happening to make so many animals become so stricken with this immune system failure? I have come to realize that as veterinarians, we are not able to stop the increased number of animal cancer cases when their healthcare is addressed conventionally.

Yes, dogs and cats do age faster than us. Yes, they are exposed to higher percentages of chemicals that are in environment as they walk through lawns and floors recently treated with chemicals or cleaned. The 80,000 chemicals in the environment that were not there 70 years ago add up and have combined into substances which we have no clue how they will affect the immune system.

In addition to those chemicals, we over-vaccinate the pets in the name of preventative medicine not knowing the consequences of this constant bombardment of the immune system. We ask the B and T cells to respond to the vaccine repeatedly and produce antibodies to protect the animal.

What happens when the system already knows the response? Continuing the stimulation can confuse the body and it does not know what is right or wrong. In our practice at MASH we do not recommend annual vaccines. We only want to give a single vaccine individually to establish the antibody response and then evaluate later using a titer. Repetitive vaccines are not necessary, they may be the cause of a confused immune response. When the immune system cannot recognize a foreign invader (like cancer) it allows it to invade the body, Overstimulation with over vaccination could be confusing the whole system.

For example : A young puppy’s mother has passed her antibodies during the pups consumption of colostrum. If the mother has good levels of antibodies which can be measured before the birth she will pass them to her pups. These antibodies last to about 10 weeks.

Keeping pups isolated until they reach ten and a half to eleven weeks and giving them one vaccine like parvo and then the other part distemper two weeks later can establish antibodies that last a life time. I have raised three generations of Standard Poodles with this vaccine schedule. The mother of second generation is eleven and only had a set of vaccines like I have mentioned above, only and still has antibodies measured for ten and a half years.

Conventionally we feel that the body needs to have these vaccines repeatedly to prevent distemper and parvo. It is not true. These vaccines can rally a lifetime of immunity when given at the right time. Better to keep the puppies a little longer and allow them to establish antibodies that last a long time then to keep giving them more vaccine that confuses the body,

Since 1993 I have offered skipping vaccines and minimal initial vaccines with titers and we have never had a case of parvo or distemper. We watch these levels and make sure the body still has the antibodies with end point titers. We have dogs eleven years old with the above vaccine schedule and with only one plain parvo and 1 plain distemper and they are protected.

The security that veterinarians get by giving annual vaccines makes them feel successful in helping their patients stay free from serious deadly diseases like parvo and distemper. But this is a false sense of security, and isn’t truly helping their patients because they did not have to make the animals keep getting this boosters in the first place, to keep them protected.

They are giving dangerous chemicals like mercury and aluminum hydroxide with dyes over and over again to little yorkies or bigger rottweilers. That cannot be healthy. Forty six percent of dogs and thirty nine percent of cats are getting cancer. The immune system cannot take the bombardment of more and more vaccines. We need to find ways to keep the immune system rallied to protect itself and not depend on drugs and over vaccination. The most cost effective way for healthcare is to have a balanced healthy immune system with nutrition as the key.

Pictured here is Lilihana getting her first plain parvo at 11 weeks 2 days old .She was given Homeopathic Thuja 200c after the administration.
Two week later she received the distemper vaccine only and a repeated Thuja 200c was given. She is now 7 years old and still has protective titers and has had no other parvo or distemper vaccine. Her mother 11 years old now had the same vaccine schedule.

New Book A Healer In Every Home: Dogs & Cats

Monday, October 24th, 2011

For Immediate Release: Dr. Margo Roman, DVM of MASH Main St Animal Services of Hopkinton and her associates have just come out with a new book. A Healer In Every Home: Dogs & Cats Top tips for healthy animal care from a pioneering holistic vet and a holistic animal shelter director, can now be purchased on
What can you do at home to keep your animal companions healthy, happy, and safe from toxic chemicals?
This book gives you a simple, user-friendly guide to the most important tips from a holistic veterinary practice and a holistic rescue shelter for;
– a healthy diet to help prevent chronic diseases
– natural remedies for Lyme, skin and ear problems, bites from other animals, accidents, recovery from surgery
– safe flea and tick control to prevent insects without toxic pesticides, and to protect your animal from Lyme
– natural ways to calm your animal and reduce behavior problems – like aggression and barking too much
The best books and websites for more information.
It is a great start to see how you can help your pets at home before you may have a need to get to a veterinarian. Help be the healer in your own home.
Book by Begabiti Lennihan RN,CCH; Shirley Moore, and Margo Roman DVM

Success at the New England Pet Expo

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Dr. Margo Roman

The New England Pet Expo that was in Wilmington, MA brought out almost 10,000 people and pets. I saw everything from huge mastiffs to people with parrots on their shoulders. At this expo there were many entertaining demos and wonderful animal groups. It was great to see so many animal lovers who were out this past Saturday September 24, 2011.

Our non-profit organization called the Center for Integrative Veterinary Care (CIVC) had a booth to highlight our Dr.DoMore documentary preview and the Dr.ShowMore Calendar. The 2011 Dr.ShowMore Calendar has been shown at about twenty different veterinary conferences and expos. By now that door – opening calendar has also been taken to eight different conferences and expos for humans. It has been to the Sundance Film Festival 2011.

The Dr.ShowMore Calendar has even gone to Thailand where it opened up many eyes, and even the doors of the veterinary

Sujita the Royal Cat

schools in Thailand. As well as the continuing education of the Thai Veterinarians. It even gave me the opportunity to treat Sujita the Cat owned by The Royal Family of Thailand, and the Princess. It was such a honor to be able to try to help the Royal cat of Thailand with acupuncture and homeopathy.

At our booth, we had the last copies of the Dr.ShowMore Calendar. Originally 5,000 were made, and we only have about 100 copies left. Someday they could be collector’s items. We still have some left for those lucky few who want them. The information in them is so worth the $10.00 cost, which is all donated to our non-profit.

Simone Hnilicka and Ludvig her dog

Information like : homeopathic remedies for emergencies, acupuncture points for common ailments, and useful herbs to give your pets. There are book resources and website lists to give readers many more options. The smiles that we got from people viewing the calendar are contagious.To laugh and have fun reading topics that can help you, your family and your pets is so valuable.

As Integrative Medicine becomes mainstream healthcare, both people and animals will benefit and healthcare costs will go down. To empower people to prevent disease and keep their bodies healthy with nutrition and healthful preventative care, will save lives and save healthcare.

New England Pet Expo

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

20110923-080412.jpgThis weekend Dr. Roman will be at a local event. Which is the New England Pet Expo. She will have a booth for the non profit organizatiions for integrative health Dr.DoMore, and the wonderful calendar ShowMore. MASH will have a vendor presence there too so stop by the booth and bring your dog!

Three Amazing Veterinary Conferences

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Over the past two weeks Dr. Roman has been away attending Veterinary conferences. We’re glad she’s back and here’s her Blog from the experience! And photos coming soon!

I was away almost two weeks attending three informative veterinary conferences that I felt are leading the way to the future. What a great experience and education I had. It was a privilege to be able to attend three amazing conferences in San Diego. Although the time I was away was almost 2 weeks, the information I gleaned and the quality of humanity I felt will all be of benefit to all my clients and patients, when I pay it forward.

First I attended the AHVMA American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association COE Council of Elders Retreat at Camp Stevens in Julian CA. The beautiful retreat center offered a natural setting for a “healer to heal themselves.” With both nature walks and learning hawaiian culture, the start of this learning trip began to unfold.

The Council of Elders

We were taught about ho’oponopono a hawaiian way of forgiveness and love, it goes like this ” I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you, I love you?” We learned that a ‘Remember the Forgiveness process’ is a gift you give yourself to release your burden, open your Heart and be Free. It allows one to feel free to clean your unconscious memories and thus heal your world.

Dr.Roman with Dr. Pitcairn and other friends

As a member of the COE (Council of Elders), and I have been practicing this way since 1976 I have much to share (and always much to learn). What the Elders do is to come together with all of the members who want to get mentoring and insight into the bigger scope of integrative veterinary practice.

We did some rope courses for team building and had guided meditations to allow our brains to “defrag“. A wonderful group of 38 veterinarians and friends gathered. Our final event was a Lakota Indian Sweat Lodge which made us appreciate the earth we live in and all the animals we care for in our practice.

Then it was off to the AHVMA conference for a five day intensive of ground breaking lectures. There were five tracks of lectures on acupuncture, cranial sacral, osteopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, cancer therapy and other topics. Speakers like Richard Pitcairn, Barbara Fougere, Steve Marsden, Greg Oligivie, Laura Taylor, Liz Hassinger, and many wonderful others presented so many important topics.

Dr. Kim from Japan Steve Blake ( pet whisperer) Doug Yearout (Dr. November with the ferret)

The third conference was the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society Congress IVAS. Veterinarians from all over the world were in attendance. Research and cases were presented. I was the first woman to take the IVAS course in 1976. This time it gave me such pride and joy to see veterinarians, and female vets especially, from all over the globe practicing quality integrative care on all species of animals. For me, seeing how pain management research, cases of kidney and liver improvement from acupuncture in combination with herbs being used more widely was gratifying. These strides made me feel even more strengthened in the knowledge that we are doing the best job for our patients when these options are part of care.

The next step is that we need to get the veterinary schools realizing that there is the need to educate students. And it is not just us Vets that can help with raising consciousness about integrative medicine. This is where you readers can help by sharing information, and the main purpose of my writing this blog.

I was able to talk and speak to seven former students of mine from Tufts who are practicing acupuncture and other modalities. They too cannot understand how a university system can deny information from their students. With what they are paying for tuition they should at least get some training and exposure to comprehensive medicine. Times are changing and soon it will be the norm when a medical exam includes many integrative modalities. It will be great day then for the animals and the humans that care for them.

We even had a creativity stimulating talent show. The Dr.ShowMore Calendar was such a hit, that it even got a Project Runway review with many of the 2011 and some of the new 2012 vets modeling their modality. As you know new research has shown that laughter has been proven to improve health and well being and reduce stress. The Dr.ShowMore Calendar has done that and more. We have only about 90 left from the original 5,000. they are making lots of folks laugh and have fun while they get really important information.

I even sang a song that I wrote in 2005 which was a spoof on the song Margaretaville. The parody was lyrics I wrote to honor the creator of the product Prozyme Marvin Silverman. It was his favorite song. The song is about irritable bowel and gluten intolerance and celiac disease. His product Prozyme was one of the first products to help with these conditions. (Below)