Case Study: Muffin the Pomeranian

A case of Muffin the Pomeranian. She was a 4 year old red adorable Pom who had GI issues for over 2 years. She had been to both Angel Memorial and Tufts for Hemorragic Gastroenteritis at the tune of almost $8,000 in that 2 years. Every other week the dog was at an emergency hospital and put on metonidazole, predisone, and amoxicillin or another antibiotic. She would get better and then it would return.

So we took the case and started her on the digestive immune support mentioned above and LM 1 Thuja. About 1 week into the treatment the owner called and was hysterical as it looked like Muffin was defecating a plastic bag as this white mucous sheet was being expelled. I asked if she was feeling depressed or abnormal and she was acting fine. I asked them to watch her and continue with our treatment. She shed out the lining of her intestinal tract like a snake shedding its skin. Allowing her intestines to regain their normal cellular consistency and after that she was normal.

After 2 years of being so sick she gained weight and occasionally she had small episodes of soft stools but never had those emergency episodes again. All we did was to RE-BOOT the gut so it could start to function.

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