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AHVMA Foundation Fund Raising

Friday, June 29th, 2012

To all my clients of MASH and supporters of the Dr.DoMore Project, Dr ShowMore Calendar the Integrative Health Pet Expo and all the projects of the Center for Integrative Veterinary Care. We are so excited that the AHVMA foundation has this wonderful opportunity to have funds matched by Drs Becker and Mercola and want you to support this effort.
As you know our mission is to outreach and educate to the public and profession to bring integrative veterinary care to the animals we all want to keep healthy. Having the funds to make it happen is so important and will help make it happen. This is a timely opportunity for the matching so do it before July 2,2012. Otherwise this foundation will be there as a wonderful place to help support all our efforts

Our goal is to advance Holistic Veterinary medicine and to make it part of every veterinary school. The Foundation currently funds scholarships for veterinary students, student chapters of the AHVMA and research grants. We have operated on a shoestring since inception but finally have a chance to take off and SOAR.

The AHVMA Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3. The Foundation works to improve research and professional education and scholarship for holistic and integrative veterinary medicine.

Drs. Mercola and Becker ( have agreed to match every donation on a 2:1 basis for this week up to a maximum (on their part) of another $400,000 making a potential of $600,000 total

Please Note – Donations can be general or directed. Since a number of my clients are adamantly against animal testing in any way, you can specify that you are donating to help develop programs and scholarships to make animal testing unnecessary. It is my firm commitment that these moral obligations attached to those donations WILL be honored .

Yes! Drs. Mercola and Becker will match every dollar donated to the Foundation between June 25-July 2, 2012. That means every $12 donation becomes $36 and $100 becomes $300! They will donate up to $400,000, so please help us collect $200,000 before Monday!

If you have someone to Honor or to Remember and feel Alternative Holistic Veterinary Medicine has importance then now is the time to help.

You can even pledge for donations over $1,000. Simply pledge to our web site during the time period and then fund by no later than August 17, 2012.

Please forward this email to your friends and colleagues and post it online. Please encourage them to donate a dollar a month ($12) or more to support this important work.

Please Donate Now:

I have put together a short pdf on how to donate online for those of you feeling less tech aware. Here is a link to the instructions from the Natural Holistic web site.

Foundation Facebook Page (for updates):

Conscious Riding at Kripalu

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

This summer I was able to spend time at Kripalu in Lenox MA which is in the Berkshires. I got into taking a class in Conscious Riding which was a blend of yoga meditation and connecting with a horse. What a perfect opportunity it was to have all these techniques become part of one’s riding experience.

Spending time with an animal in a deeper way can help one heal the stressors of your life as well as an added benefit of having the animal in your life. For me riding in the woods with my two standard poodles Geneva 12, and Lilihana 7 and now Missy too, who is a paint Missouri Fox trotter, is my time to reflect and just be with these kind and loving creatures.

Paul Striberry, who is a professional horseman for over 50 years teaches a holistic approach to horsemanship that encourages congruence in body, mind, and spirit. Paul’s approach to Conscious Riding supports you in seeing your horse as an SUV—Spiritual Utility Vehicle—and understanding riding as a practice of meditation in motion on the path to awakening.

The core teachings of this program are grounded in yogic philosophy: feeling the natural balance and learning to watch your fears instead of getting caught in them. In this way, We learned to
Ride beyond our edge
Expand our abilities
Met new challenges.

During the program, riding takes place at Under Mountain Farm, three miles from Kripalu. Paul had two assistance from Sandra doing her Yoga and Hardas assisting with the horse preparation.

If any of you have not been to Kripalu it is a must to have a place that is like an adult summer camp that nurtures all parts of you in your plans. The food is wonderful, served as a buffet it is organic, local and sustainable and mostly vegan. You can have Yoga classes 3 times a day and other hiking and kayaking if you want. There is time to meditate and quiet places to reflect.. One can indulge in may types of massage and spa type treatments. And yes they have some amazing courses covering many wellness topics. If you get a chance to treat yourself do so. It is an investment in yourself, so that you can be healthier then thats what you should do.

We have cancer in our pets because…

Monday, June 18th, 2012

The below article is a topic that I think should be on the minds of every individual as we ponder why so many animal are getting cancer and they are getting sicker and sicker. As a veterinarian for over 35 years I am seeing more chronically ill animals that cannot be cured as their immune systems 20120618-124943.jpgthat have failed. We are seeing this in younger and younger animals as cancer affects over 46% of dogs and 39 % of cats. The frustration that veterinarians and their caretakers feel is overwhelming. Owners ask Why? and Why can’t we help them? We are getting epigenetic damage from many of the 80,000 chemicals that are in our environment that were not there 60 years ago.

Those of us that work in holistic veterinary medicine are trying to find ways to keep these tragic failures of the health of these individual animals. As we look at the research that is in the below and now we can see that all the pesticides, toxins and unnecessary vaccinations that we have given our pets for generation after generation have done damage that has changed the genes of those pets. What our dogs grandmother got exposed to can affect multiple generations to come. Sicker and sicker, younger and younger until it is so obvious.

We all need to start to wake up and start to question all the chemicals we put on our lawns, clean our homes, spray or spot on our pets. You are what you eat and those chemical will transfer their damage to your DNA too. The animals we bring into our homes are the canaries in the coal mine. They are showing us what the future of our human family members will be. In 12 years we can see 6 generations of pets and genetic breakdown can be right in front of our face…Lets wake up and try to stop further damage and help our beloved family members more protected from toxic chemicals and environmental damage.

I say these words as a frustrated veterinarian questioning the massive numbers of cancer that come into my practice. We try to boost the immune system and try to support the healthy cells and organs so they can resist the DNA damage. We hope to make more quality life and more quality time with these very important family members.