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The Thing That Kiku Ate

Friday, March 30th, 2012

With two happy, healthy, holistic pomeranians, I never expected an unforeseen disaster to strike my puppy Kiku.

Kiku is an almost two year old pure bred pomeranian. She is a robust, healthy little jock. She is normally smart, and knows many words, as well as tricks and games with toys. Suddenly one night last week she vomited. The usual remedies for the sensitive tummies of poms just weren’t doing much for her. I could see lip smacking and her tongue, which was always hung out in a big smile, wasn’t out at all. She couldn’t stand to pick up toys in her mouth, I knew that it was nausea. We were beside ourselves with worry.

Kiku Day After Surgery

Small dog breeds are special and need understanding and a vet who is willing to tailor their care to their individual needs. When we brought her into MASH, she was treated with a combination of conventional and holistic modes. She got acupuncture, homeopathy and ozone, and even a dollop of vaseline. Then the nasty brown vomit came up. She needed to get that stuff out of her. When Dr. Roman examined her, she could feel a lump in Kiku’s intestines. I was pretty sure that Kiku had eaten something wrong, and that there was a blockage or obstruction. Sure enough, a chain of events was revealed by surgery.

When the really gross mess of stuff was removed it all became clear what had happened. Our big Maine Coon cat had eaten some thread, and hacked up a big long hairball, which Kiku then ate. Not one of her smarter moments… When it was taken out, the smelly mass was the size of a brillo pad. And that part of her intestine was blackened and necrotic.

If Dr. Roman hadn’t stepped in proactively, I am sure that we would have lost Kiku. I was impressed by how the staff of women at MASH all worked on Kiku. They were like a musical quartet, moving in unison. Anticipating what was needed, going from one treatment to the next, they handled Kiku with love and expertise which I could tell came from long practice together.

Dr. Roman included us in the whole process. It is such a refreshing change from bad experiences we have had in the past with other vets who are abrupt and dismissive of the input of pet parents. The treatments that we chose together were perfect for her. We were not isolated from her for even a minute. I feel that is so important for small dogs. They are so tiny and sensitive, that they can become severely depressed when away from their people. Many poms won’t eat unless their parents are home.

The surgery went amazingly well. My partner was allowed to be in the room to observe. He said that he was fascinated watching Dr. Margo’s hands as she did the surgery. The cutting and sewing that she did was to ensure that the sutures would stay in place and heal well. Seven inches of intestines had to come out! She had what is called an intestinal anastomosis.

Since I am squeamish, I spent the surgery time meditating on the Reiki symbols of Hon Sha Se Zonen, and the Daikomio. I pulled in the healing energy of the universe, and communicated with her cells on a quantum level. I brought in white and pink light, and suffused the entree property at MASH in a pink glow to heal, energize and protect everyone, and Kiku. As I sat in the waiting area, a white cloud appeared up above in the skylight of the open and airy space. It looked to me like Kiku, curled up in a ball smiling. I finished up the distance Reiki, and then did more hands on Reiki with the Master symbols on her during recovery.

We took her home shortly after surgery, and Kiku did not appear to be in any pain. The ozone and other integrative remedies and homeopathic medicines did all the pain management without using harsh narcotic drugs.

Instead of drugging her into somnolence, the pain was taken care of and she is conscious enough to show us just how she is doing. The cycle of drugging and doing repeated unnecessary tests is forestalled by using integrative medicine. Why aren’t more vets aren’t doing healthier natural remedies?

They used the ozone treatments to help reduce pain and to lavage her mouth and intestines. The ozonated saline was given as a gastric lavage as well. She was given the ozonated saline subcutaneously. She was also given rectal ozone gas which was absorbed immediately into the blood vessels of her colon and into her liver helping to detoxify her. The ozone helped reduce the swelling of the gut and brought down
the inflammation therefore reducing pain and allowing O2 to return to the tissue. This sped up the healing process.

I have used homeopathy too in my own life and experiences, and we use many of them for ourselves and our dogs. Nux Vomica is a real goto helper for vomiting. Arnica and Bellis peranis reduce pain.

Kiku had her operation at 4:30 PM and at 10:00 PM she was home, and able to run down the hallway faster than I can. We are firm believers in home care when ever possible. We are giving Kiku her conventional antibiotics as well as her homeopathy, and Reiki. She has her big sister Saki to help her feel normal. Home care is so much better than leaving a dog behind in a cage. For poms who can become heartbroken with separation anxiety, home care is ideal. She would have still been in the hospital on pain meds for probably 2-3 days.

Here in her own environment she immediately went back to her usual routines. Fourteen hours after her surgery we were shocked to see her get up at her usual time the next morning, grab a ball, and throw it at us to play her usual game before work.

She did have one more hurdle to overcome during her recovery. Some pomeranians can be very sensitive to anesthesia. She became stiffened up during her sleep and nap times which caused her to have subluxating patella in her knees which she never had before. She had a hard time with shaking and getting back on her feet until we began giving her homeopathic Phosphorus. After that she was up and around the next day. 

For her personality it was important to notice that just lying around in her bed wasn’t working for her. She wanted her Ball. She has about a dozen of the mini size Kong Air Dog tennis balls that she loves. So even though she could not stand up on her own, if I placed her on all four feet she would catch the ball. I began with ten minute sessions three times a day. Then four times and then she increased it to an hour three times a day. Her play became her physical therapy. After that she was awake and napping at her normal times like her big sister. Each day she added more and more of her normal behaviors. There were a few nights where I had to stay up and watch over her when she had trouble getting up and getting to a newspaper to pee. I could not imagine leaving her alone all night. I kept an old rubber hot water bottle with her at all times and we kept monitoring her temperature until it was normal. She never ran a fever throughout the whole process, her temp tended to go low.

To help her intestines come back online after so long without solid food I gave her one teaspoon of chicken baby food mixed with one teaspoon of plain organic yogurt with one Nutrigest, one eighth teaspoon of vitamin C and one eighth teaspoon of hip and joint supplement. I gave her half a teaspoon of that at a time from a food syringe, each one separated by fifteen minutes. She could have six or eight teaspoons of that a day to start with. She began to eat finely chopped boiled chicken, mixed with soft boiled egg yolk, with yogurt and her supplements as a wet meal in addition to the baby food paste. I gave her these meals when everyone else was eating to keep her in the rhythm of the pack.

After two or three days she was eating the the soft chopped meals on her own. I switched to one teaspoon of cooked pumpkin, one teaspoon of cooked apple and one teaspoon of the yogurt and added the Nutrigest and supplements to keep her regular. I gave her this pumpkin apple yogurt in the food syringe. She and her sister both liked it so much I will make it for them often.

Pomeranians are so tiny that when they get sick it can be really difficult for them. Luckily for Kiku everyone did everything they could, and we used remedies and modalities from all around the world, to help her back up and running again, and so her story has a happy ending!

Margo ROMAN vs. TRUSTEES OF TUFTS COLLEGE & others Full Docket

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

For more reference information the complete Docket is reprinted here: (more…)


Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

This week Dr. Roman had some bad news as the dismissal of the case which she brought against Tufts College was upheld. To read more details about the case the legal aspects are on The Hub, and an Associated Press article is over at boston dot com

Dr. Roman wrote this comment about the article:

I feel this was an important case to highlight the need for some level of accountability from the universities who, because of financial incentives, are beholden to “Big Pharma” and the large corporate funds from the pet food industry. It is also a case that showed without a doubt that Integrative Veterinary Medicine saved the life of Champ – a 26 year-old beloved Morgan Horse.

It is very disappointing that the Court based its decision on the dispute over the bill Tufts submitted, rather than reach the First Amendment issues that, at some time, must be resolved. I have no doubt that my exclusion from the lecture on raw diet was based on my views on this issue, which are contrary to those that would be offered at the lecture. (The large corporate food companies subsidize the views at Tufts on this issue and their nutrition department). The Court ignored the fact that I specifically asked about the lecture on May 17, 2005. When I called the continuing education office prior to the event I asked specifically if this was a continuing education class or course with credit. The official said “no, this is not CE and it is free and open to everyone. Please come.” When asked if they needed to know who was coming or how many were coming, her reply was “everyone was welcome and there are no restrictions.” The restrictions that I received in the letter cited by the Court was that I would not be able to take any more continuing education classes.

I was in then involved in a dispute with Tufts over the veterinary bill, and it was in the hands of the director of the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association, waiting for a peer review hearing addressing the unprofessional treatment that I received at the University. As a former Tufts Veterinary Faculty from 1979-86, I called the dean, Dr. Kosch after the threatened arrest. I told him that I was so insulted by an arrest attempt and saw a violation of freedom of speech and I was not afraid to sue them for civil rights violation. His reply: “If you sue us we will crush you like a bug; we have such deep pockets. We can outspend you in lawyers. We will find people to say terrible things about you.” To me that was a real case of bullying. The other universities that signed on with this case have deep pockets too. I only had the ACLU and my counsel.

The only treatment plan that Tufts doctors had recommended for my daughter’s and my horse Champ was euthanasia. We had rescued Champ at the age of 16. He was very sick at the time and they wanted to possibly euthanize him, but with integrative veterinary care his health improved and he soon became my daughter’s show horse. At the age of 20, he was diagnosed with cancer; however, we treated him with integrative veterinary medicine for 6 years – proving that you can live with cancer. The fact that I wanted to have his eye removed was considered by the Tufts doctors to be cruel.

Yet, the fact that that Champ lived another 2 1/2 years after the removal of his eye, with cancer and was back up and jumping in horse shows at 27 years of age attested to the failure of diagnosis by the Tufts doctors; contrary to their diagnosis, he was not dying of metastatic cancer at that point, and was instead still capable of having a wonderful life. For the remainder of Champ’s life, he continued to enjoy a “quality of life”, his health was not compromised and I and others, who loved him, were able to ride him 3-4 times a week.

Animals and humans can live with cancer for years and have quality of life. We should not only choose euthanasia when an animal has cancer.


Bt Toxin Kills Human Kidney Cells

Monday, March 19th, 2012

20120319-130238.jpgReposted from our friends at ISIS, Institute of Science in Society….

Cry1Ab biopesticide kills human cells at low doses as does Roundup Herbicide
By Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji

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A new study shows that low doses of Bt biopesticide CryA1b as well as the glyphosate herbicide, Roundup, kill human kidney cells. The Bt biopesticide conferring insect resistance and the glyphosate tolerance trait tied to the use of glyphosate herbicides account for almost all the GM crops grown worldwide. Bt crops already constitute 39 % of globally cultivated genetically modified (GM) crops, yet this is the first study that provides evidence on the toxicity of Bt protein in human cells.

This work comes at a time when the French environment and agricultural ministers are seeking an EU-wide ban of Monsanto’s MON810 Bt corn variety that is already outlawed in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Greece, and Luxembourg. The EU commission approved this crop in 2009, concluding that it “is as safe as its conventional counterpart with respect to potential effects on human and animal health”. In response to their publication the research team raised questions about the safety assessment procedure stating that their findings were a “surprising outcome and this risk was somehow overlooked” in past assessments of such crops. [1]. (more…)