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2013 DrShowMore Calendar Deadlines

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Our 2013 DrShowMore Calendar on the Nature of Integrative Veterinary Medicine “GreenMore” Sustainable, Responsible, Holistic Veterinarians Exposing Options was shown as a mock-up at winter veterinary conferences, and was a hit. Please help us to raise the funds to support the Calendar. Vets our deadline for photos and Contributors our deadline is April 1st 2012.

American Academy of Ozonotherapy to Host First Meeting

Monday, February 13th, 2012


Ozone Therapy Beyond Oxygen

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Simone Hnilicka and Katy Nicol and I having fun at the NAVC and supporting Dr.ShowMore

I want to talk about the lecture I gave at the NAVC in Orlando, which was titled Ozone Therapy Beyond Oxygen, The Needed Tool for All Veterinary Care. In my lecture I presented the history of Ozone Therapy and it value as a healing modality. It is easy to add to every practice. It helps add the healing value of oxygen to all illnesses. Like Hyperbaric oxygen it helps bring oxygen to tissue that is in need of repair. Wounds, infections, trauma, pain, dental and gum issues, kidney disease, Lyme, cancer, ear problems and several other veterinary medical problems can be potentiated for healing with OZONE. Delivered in saline, as a gas O3 or as a topical infusion in olive oil it has such healing powers.

The body that has cancer has a deficiency of O2 in the tissue and that is why I try to include Ozone in all my cancer cases. It is supportive and can help bring down the

Katy Nicol and myself at Disney Lego Dogs

inflammation that can be causing the pain of discomfort. It seems to bring down the pain and fever from LYME disease. It is such a needed adjunct to wound care as it helps remove all the anaerobic bacteria from the wound and when delivered in saline flushes the wound. It also is isotonic to the wound and then release the O2 to the wound and increases the healing of the tissue.

Conference Afterthoughts

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

This winter I attended the North American Veterinary Conference. The NAVC is one of the largest Veterinary conferences in the World. It is held in Orlando Florida each January, bringing together veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and animal health businesses. The Conference takes place in a huge venue, which takes over two convention centers at the Marriott and Gaylord Hotels. Filled with hundreds of exhibitors and lectures available, it has so much information to give.

I have been able to attend the conference recently in 2008, 2010 and 2011, as a presenter. I have lectured on Ozone Therapy in 2008 and 2012. The NAVC has been having Integrative Veterinary Medicine tracks for years and this openness for quality information makes it the best veterinary conference. The Officers who plan the NAVC want to be inclusive and this gives the conference attendees many opportunities to learn varied aspects of the profession. Even the exhibitors carry herbs, botanicals and high quality nutritional supplements so both the allopathic and holistic vets can get educated and share information.

​One obvious piece of this complex project that can strike up controversy is the HUGE amount of Money and visibility that big Corporations get for their financial support of the conference. This part bothers me as I know it does influence both the veterinarians and technicians as they get lots of free food and prizes. From over the top Cool and the Gang Band with 8 dancers or a night of dancing and a live 6 piece band with 7 singers and a mock up “Minute to Win it” with as much food as you can eat. The advertising of the companies wares is all over so we can be made aware of their support.

Yes the conference needs funds but where does the beholden feeling end and the drug companies influence have the profession beholden to them too… Small companies do not have the power of the advertising dollars, and attention getters with natural products like those that are used by many holistic practitioners. They do not have the large corporations with very deep pockets and lobbying funds in Washington DC. to promote natural products that are a healthy life style.

The big Pharma companies need to be able to see the value in empowering people to keep themselves and their animals healthy with high quality nutrition, exercise, and the benefits long term of positive mental support. People would need less and less drugs for inflammation, infections and mental depression. The animals will be healthier if they too can receive this wholistic approach to health. But that will not immediately gratify profit money to stock holders.

As we all become more knowledgable we will not have to be impressed with big “Broadway Type” productions but can see through the hype and not be sold by lots of fancy advertising.